Planes were stolen from Jordan and Whitehead from Tampa Bay at Free Agency


Jordan Whitehead, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive linebacker, walked off the field after a big game.

The New York Jets have made so many spots this season that they won the headlines.

Although one of the moves they made fell off the radar and could have huge ripple effects on the 2022 season.

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disguised blessing

video‘Total Package’ plane videos stolen at free agency for $14.5 million2022-08-20T16:55:34-04:00

Back during Free Agency in March, the Jets were involved in a bidding war for the safety of Marcus Williams.

The talented defensive linebacker was set to leave the New Orleans Saints and was below the Baltimore Ravens and the Jets.

In the end, Williams chose the Ravens after Jang Green Payment refused Signing a five-year deal for over $70 million.

Planes Then quickly turn to former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Safety Jordan Whitehead in a more reasonable two-year deal for $14.5 million.

Robert Saleh, the head coach of the technical director, said he was surprised by a player like Whitehead:

“I love Jordan and every now and then a guy sneaks out of a free agency building for one reason or another and he’s one of them. He’s not someone you normally see walking out of a building he’s been drafted into. He’s absolutely exceptional: his mental make-up, the drive, the way he prepares every day, It really is the complete package.”

The strange thing is that the pirates did not even try to restore their gifted integrity. While Whitehead’s open media was available after the signing, he revealed that they did not send him an offer that greatly frustrated him.

Saleh was then asked how strange it would be for a 25-year-old free agent to take on a leadership role in a new team:

“The way he’s done is great because he’s not trying to be the leader but naturally becoming one because of the way he goes about his day to day work. He’s a great guy, likable in the locker room and he’s definitely made of the right things.”

With Whitehead’s good looks, losing the Jets to Williams could be a blessing in disguise.

something to watch

video‘Total Package’ plane videos stolen at free agency for $14.5 million2022-08-20T16:55:34-04:00

Speaking of the safety situation, a seasoned veteran finally showed up at Airplane Camp this weekend.

LaMarcus Joyner, who tore his triceps in the first week of 2021, looked closed and ready to join The Ganggreen before 2022.

Saleh believes the combination of Whitehead and Joyner at the backend of the defense makes them a “pretty great team” for safety.

Salih described Joyner as a “stabilizing force” and noted the importance of veterans starting with it in safety.

With so many young people around the corner, Saleh says it’s critical to have safety items that have been there and done that. This level of contact will ensure that this unit is capable of firing on all cylinders.

Whitehead has earned a lot of praise this season and for good reason, but the real tale of this season is how well he has played alongside him.

It was one of the Gates camp’s fiercest rivalries to date, but Joyner is expected to start alongside Whitehead. Over the past two years, he has not been able to play football much due to injuries, but when he was healthy he proved to be special.

Airplanes are counting on him to rediscover his shape sooner rather than later.

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