10 Marvel Comics Speedsters Not Yet Appeared In The MCU

With speed zoom and McCurry in the MCU Wandavision And the eternityLooks like the Speedsters’ dry MCU spell since Quicksilver’s death It’s coming to an end. Super Speed ​​is a very entertaining force to have, which has made the lack of Speedsters in the MCU a huge problem over the years.

However, there is an abundance of Speedsters in the pages of Marvel Comics that should debut in the cinematic universe as soon as either heroes or villains in a slew of pre-existing or upcoming franchises.

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black racer

Ariana Siddiqui, better known as the Black Racer, is a supervillain who possesses the power of super speed (which she uses to commit heists and battle the likes of Captain America, along with her cast, The Serpent Squad).

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Because of her fights with Sam Wilson in the comics, she could be a potential opponent for her Captain America: New World Order or the future Falcon and the Winter Soldier season. Besides, Black Racer can continue to join The Thunderbolts Lightning As an anti-hero she tries to redeem herself for past crimes.


Aurora is a mutant member of both The X-Men and Alpha Flight, who possesses the power of super speed.

after, after Mrs. MarvellMutant detection, it won’t be long until mutants, like Aurora, make their first appearance in the MCU, just like Deadpool (who will soon join the 616 timeline in Deadpool 3). There are a lot of different projects in which Aurora could appear, such as the Deadpool or X-Men project in the future, if not a solo show or the Alpha Flight movie sometime in the future.


After injecting ferret blood into Robert L. Franks’ veins in an attempt to save him from a deadly snake bite, a strange reaction between his mutated genes and ferret blood gives him breakneck speed, leading him to become the WWII villain who fought The Avengers of the era. the talk).

Jay Kleitz photos a heavily recreated version of The Whizzer in Jessica Jones. However, this does show that the canon of the MCU has yet to be officially confirmed, which means that a more serious and dangerous iteration of the villain could debut in live action, perhaps as an antagonist of The New Avengers or in prequel stories.

fast forward

With the name running on the DC hero, Buried Alien, AKA Fast Forward, is the fastest speed driver found in Marvel Comics. Fast Forward suffers from amnesia and is from another universe, claiming he can only remember to run as fast as he can to save his world.

With the MCU recently exploring the multiverse, it would be relatively easy for this character to debut in timeline 616 and make it the fastest speed in the universe like in the comics. with Sparkle With its soon-to-be release, it would be very smart for Marvel to debut The Flash’s homage in live action, possibly played by an ex-Flash as Grant Gustin, considering Fast Forward is actually DC’s Barry Allen.


As a result of a retrovirus, Stanley Stewart gains super speed and becomes the superhero The Blur. He eventually went to join the Squadron Supreme and fight against the Avengers, clashing with Black Panther in the final showdown.

With rumors circulating that Squadron Supreme might be getting its own MCU solo project, there’s a good chance The Blur will join the team upon their debut. There is also a chance that Stanley Stewart will appear in the future installment of The Black Panther Franchise, due to his affiliation with Africa and comics superheroes.

demon speed

After making a deal with the Grand Expert to grant Super Speed, the ordinary alchemist, James Sanders, becomes a Speed ​​Demon; A super villain who can run at super fast speeds. Although his early stories were very cosmic in nature, Speed ​​Demon has become a more solid, less dangerous villain in recent years.

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With the Speed ​​Demon essentially taking on Spider-Man, and even joining The Sinister Syndicate and Sinister Six over the years, he’s a worthy opponent for a future Spider-Man as a member of any of these teams. There is also the possibility of this villain appearing Lightning As a member of the team, due to his time as a Thunderbolt in the comics.


Gilpetperdon is a universe elder who has dedicated his life to becoming the fastest being in existence in order to achieve his only goal: to be the first entity to see all of the universe. This character is a very powerful being and arguably the fastest character in the Marvel universe, using her abilities to fight against powerful villains (such as Thanos).

The Runner can appear in a large number of cosmic projects due to his status as the elder of the universe and his journeys through all of space. This character is a friend of The Silver Surfer and an enemy of both Galactus and Annihilus, which means there is a small chance he could appear in the future. The Fantastic Four A boost if the team needs an extremely powerful ally to help them in the cosmic fight.


Yo-Yo Rodríguez is a SHIELD agent who goes by the name Slingshot and possesses the power of super speed due to her father’s mutated DNA. This character appeared in Shield Agents And the stars on the show SHIELD Agents: Slingshot Photographed by Natalia Cordova Buckley.

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Depending on the canonical of shield clients, Yo-Yo may have never appeared on the official 616 schedule due to her absence from any of the MCU films or Disney+ shows. However, this beloved character deserves to return to the screen and make her official debut in the MCU, possibly in a SHIELD-related project as secret invasion A story in which you have participated in the comics, or in a project associated with the X-Men.

north star

Jean-Paul Beaubier is a fast-paced mutant driver and a member of both Alpha Flight and The X-Men, who became an instructor at the Xavier Institute. This hero with a complex and tragic back story is the twin brother of Aurora, whom he loves very much and spends a lot of time protecting.

Northstar could debut in a future project related to mutagenesis in the MCU, where she joins teams, such as The X-Men or Alpha Flight. With Quicksilver already dead on the MCU schedule, Northstar could replace him as the X-Men’s main speed driver given he’s rated as the fastest mutant. Possibly joining the team very early in their MCU arc, in order to differentiate the X-Men lineup from the MCU from the one that Fox used earlier.


Hermes is the god of speed and the son of Zeus who acts as a messenger among the gods. As a member of the Olympians, Hermes conveyed messages between the Olympians and the Asgardians when they were at war and had a complex history with Thor and Loki.

With relations with Zeus and Hercules, who first appeared in Thor: Love and ThunderHowever, it may be possible for Hermes to appear later in the Thor franchise as an antagonist of Thor, due to Thor’s attempt to kill his father, Zeus. This god-centric franchise is the perfect setting for Hermes’ debut, however, he also has associations with The Eternals, The Guardians of The Galaxy, The Avengers, and other teams which means the possibilities for his debut are endless.

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