A complete explanation of Egon’s dream and how it turns into Game of Thrones

Warning: Contains spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 1.Aegon the Conqueror’s dream, which he called A Song of Ice and Fire, is revealed Dragon Housewhich is a sudden development that recedes Game of thrones He reworks the defeat of the White Walkers. Dragon HouseTimeline for long before Game of thrones; As the opening text makes clear, it was 172 years before the Mad King died and Daenerys Targaryen was born. But that doesn’t mean it won’t have some effect, as the last moments make clear.

Dragon House Season 1, Episode 1 ends with King Viserys I Targaryen naming Rhaenyra, his daughter, heir to the Iron Throne. This in itself is a very important decision that will have dire consequences for the rest of the countries Dragon Housestory, but there is a lot to it. Now that you’re his heir, Rhinera must be overburdened with the knowledge that every Targaryen king (and now a potential queen) possesses: of Aegon Targaryen’s dream, which tells Viserys:

“Egon foretold the end of the world of men. It begins with a terrible winter, a storm from the far north. Aegon saw absolute darkness riding on that wind, and all that dwells within him will destroy the world of the living. When this great winter comes, Rhinera, all Westeros must stand against it.” And if the world of men is to live, Targaryen must sit on the Iron Throne.A king or queen, strong enough to unite the world against cold and darkness Aegon called his dream “a song of ice and fire.”

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Egon’s dream of A Song of Ice and Fire is a major discovery in Dragon House Season 1, Episode 1 ends. It not only changes what was known about the history of House Targaryen, but also regresses Game of thrones It means that some events, particularly from Season 8, can be seen in a different light. Here is a breakdown of the Aegon dream and what it means Game of thrones.

What does Egon’s dream of A Song of Ice and Fire really mean?

Egon’s dream must be familiar Game of thrones viewers, as it foretells the coming of The White Walkers and the second long night. Terrible winter, darkness, and a threat to the entire world is a fair summation of the Night King’s army of the dead, even if it did not come for nearly 300 years after they conquered Westeros. Aegon’s prophecy adds new depth to the Song of Ice and Fire, giving it a more literal meaning: Ice = White Walkers, and Fire = Targaryens and their dragons. It recasts Aegon’s conquest, from an act of pure ambition and strength into an act of a more noble purpose.

Is Egon’s prophecy found in The Song of the Books of Ice and Fire? Will it be?

Aegon Targaryen’s dream was not mentioned in Game of thronesHis Song of Ice and Fire prophecy does not appear in the book series from which it derives its name. This is completely new information in Dragon House, but not much different from other prophecies surrounding the White Walkers and how they will be defeated: Azor Ahai is said to be the great hero who will carry his burning sword, the Lightbringer; It is said that the prince’s prophecy promised, which is often altered interchangeably with Azure Ahai, has “A song about snow and fire.” Both are, clearly, rooted in the same idea of ​​the duality of ice and fire in the end of the world.

It’s clearly too late for Egon’s dream Game of thronesbut could still be in George RR Martin A song about snow and fire books. The author still has two novels to finish – Winter windsThe date of its long-awaited and late release, Spring dream Hopefully it will follow – and the others (the book’s name for the White Walkers) have established it as a blanket threat in a similar way. Martin gives much more time for prophecies than Game of thrones I did, and with Daenerys still arriving in Westeros, there’s a good chance this will be revealed in the script at some point. Notably, Martin co-created it Dragon House He gave his consent to the disclosure, supporting the idea that he would make it a legal book.

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Did the Targaryens know about Aegon Whitewalker’s Game of Thrones prophecy?

Game of thronesThe main Targaryen was unaware of Aegon’s dream about the White Walker, although that in itself makes sense: the Targaryen dynasty ended before Daenerys was born, while Viserys himself was only a small child, and few know that Jon Snow was a Targaryen. It is possible that Maester Aemon Targaryen was aware of Aegon’s dream: he was the son of a king, and someone who many preferred to take over the Iron Throne, while his brother, Deeron, was known to dream of a dragon. Aemon is certainly aware of the prophecy of the prince promised in the books, and it is likely that this prophecy is related or has been confused over the years. Meanwhile, Rhaegar Targaryen was obsessed with the prince who was a promised prophecy; He believed that it could be him, and later his son.

As heir to the Mad King, Eris II, it is possible that he was told by his father (if it had come this far, and Eris had decided to pass it, neither of them could be taken for granted). He speaks of a song of ice and fire, as she hears Daenerys in her home from visions that never die in Game of thrones season two with him saying: “Aegon. What a better name for a king… He is the Promised Prince, and the Song of Ice and Fire.” It is plausible that Rhaegar knew about the Song of Ice and Fire dream as well, or that he heard enough for her to entangle with the prince he was promised, and may have thought that the child should be named Aegon, which might also explain the Jon Snow story. Targaryen’s name.

How Aegon’s Song of the Prophecy of Ice and Fire changes the defeat of the White Infantry

Dragon HouseAegon’s dream revelations effectively remake the mother show, at least as much as it hasn’t been said there before, and it also changes how events unfold Game of thrones Season 8 framed. If Jon and Jon also knew the Song of Ice and Fire, would their actions have been different? Perhaps – part of the point of the prophecies in Game of thrones is that they often achieve themselves and lead people to take actions they would not otherwise have. Daenerys wanted the Iron Throne anyway, but she halted her quest to help fight the dead; It is not entirely unreasonable to think that those events might have been reversed if she had known about Egon’s dream.

No matter who knows what, Aegon’s dream has some unfortunate consequences Game of thrones. It doesn’t change the story, but it makes how Season 8 unfolds. The White Walkers are supposed to be the ultimate threat, and Dragon House This proves to be the case via the Targaryen rule, which lasted for nearly three centuries. Game of thrones Season 8 dealt with the White Walkers and the Night King in just three episodes. It felt rushed at the time, with only one major battle between the living and the dead, but it’s even worse with this knowledge. Dragon House It will add a lot to Game of thrones, but not all of this is necessarily good; This isn’t entirely prequel’s fault, as Aegon’s dream makes sense for his story and the wider world of Ice and Fire, but it hurts from the failures of the original show.

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