RPG Legends Codes – Free Coins & Rewards

Get the latest codes for RPG Legends, a Roblox game that allows you to level up a character, try out different builds, and beat tons of enemies and bosses. Enjoy!

Here are the latest RPG Legends codes, a Roblox A game inspired by the platform RPG greats. This is a classic RPG that lets you progress from a weak character all the way to a powerful player of any class you choose, with weapons, magical abilities and ultimate skills. You can redeem these codes for upgrades and other in-game enhancements, and we check them regularly.

RPG Legends is still quite new, so we expect to add more updates in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more news and codes.

We built this page on August 22 And I looked for the first icons of the game! almost.

All RPG Legends Codes

Here are all the RPG Legends codes in action in August 2022.

The Gamer video today
  • No job codes currently – very soon!

RPG Legends latest update

Currently the game is still very new, and it was only recently opened to the public in the last couple of days. Some of the recent updates during testing include:

  • Changes to the refining system in the game
  • New skills, including Water Wave, Tsunami, Groundshake and Blazing Shots
  • New areas, including abandoned camp and boom gap

Expect more soon!

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How to redeem RPG Legends codes

Here’s how to redeem these codes for free in-game rewards.

  • Hit food menu button, bottom right (marked above)
  • Click symbols
  • Enter the code in the top box
  • The bottom box is for special characters only (More info soon on that)
  • Redeem and Enjoy!

If the code does not work, Make sure you entered it exactly as we did from the table above. If the code is still not working, It’s likely to be expired, and You’ll need to try again another day to get new codes, or check below to see how to get more codes for the game.

How to get more codes for RPG Legends

Entering codes from our list is not the only way to get rewards in RPG Legends! All tokens like Milestone (when you reach a certain limit like in-game milestone, 5k, 10k, etc) can be found in reality.N-game. Just run to the tokens/rewards chest to claim all the rewards. If you still want to look up the codes on your own (we understand, we understand), you can head over to The game’s official dispute To keep track of new codes, updates, gifts, hacks, and more.

What is RPG Legends?

RPG Legends is the latest in a long line of Roblox role-playing games, and our most recent favorite is Venture Tales. The goal of the game is simple, like any other RPG: level up your character, complete quests, get upgrades, learn new skills, defeat powerful enemies, and repeat! The game, developed by arc.ent, is still in early development, but has been in testing for the past two months and is now open to the public. New worlds are added regularly, and we believe more abilities, weapons, and bosses are on the way.

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