The 10 most horrific betrayals so far

Prime video boys It is the most violent superhero series to date, and many of the biggest plot twists have resulted from sudden betrayals. Even with fans expecting the worst, some of these double-crosses still surprise viewers and dramatically change the show’s narrative.

There is a lot of backstabbing due to hurt feelings or betrayal for personal gain boyswhich led to strained relations between the characters and even led to the death of a few people.

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10 Man kills Madeleine

There are moments when Homelander shocked the audience with his shocking actions and strange behavior. If there’s one person who has experienced this firsthand, it’s Madeline, and things didn’t end well for her when she decided to hide things from him.

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Homelander takes trust and honesty very seriously, at least in relation to the people he has a “connection” with. For Madeleine, Homelander became a bit obsessed, and when he found out she was lying after promising not to, he became enraged by the discovery. This ended with her eyes burning at the back of her skull. The moral of the story is don’t lie to the Homelander, a lesson Noir learned the hard way.

9 Butcher Breast Milk Medicines

Butchers have some fun ways to handle situations, and they’re usually not on the right side of the moral scale. While the hostility is usually directed at his opponents, he sometimes takes matters into his own hands.

Mother’s milk was not pleased with the fact that the butcher brought a boy soldier on board. While Butcher thought what he was doing would be in the best interest of the group and a good way to bring down Supes, this led to an argument between the two, with Breastmilk calling him hypocritical. So when it came to approaching the boy soldier, instead of letting the breast milk join, since this was some kind of negotiation, Butcher, with some help from Hughie, drugged the mother’s milk so it wouldn’t interfere, and put a wedge between them as friends.

8 Popclaw murder train

A subtle romance can add just the right amount of charm and drama to a story. in boysThat could be moot considering how it turned out for A-Train and his girlfriend.

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Originally, A-Train wanted to keep their relationship low-key and keep Popclaw’s recreational use of the V a secret. However, things did not go as planned, and the boys continued to blackmail Popclaw into telling them the information. Popclaw was lying at first but will come clean later. Despite being in love with Popclaw, A-Train still had to think about his photo and information that could be leaked to the public, so he killed her with a lethal dose of heroin.

7 The Butcher leaves Ryan behind

Butcher has been quoted as saying a lot of funny things, but he’s also said some pretty bad things in the past. One such example is with Ryan. Butcher took on the role of father figure with Ryan considering Homelander isn’t exactly Father of the Year, and Becca wanted him away from Ryan for good reasons.

When Ryan accidentally kills his mother in an attempt to save her, things change. After promising Becca that he’ll make sure Ryan knows it wasn’t his fault, he reacts the opposite of what Becca promised. As a result, Ryan expressed his dislike of the butcher and welcomed Homelander back into his life.

6 Starlight reveals the truth about Homelander and Vought

Starlight went through many things when joining The Seven, and for a long time, she bit her tongue and played with the team. While it’s not shocking that she would eventually betray the group and Vought, the way she did so was a surprise.

After the deaths of civilians and Herogasm’s superheroes, Starlight takes to Instagram to address her huge following. It’s something I’ve done before, but not that big. Starlight drops the ball on Homelander, his behavior and how Vought tries to keep everyone in the dark. After making the statement, she left The Seven and dropped Starlight, revealing her real name, Annie January.

5 Queen Maeve takes on Stormfront and Blackmails Homelander

Over the years on The Seven, Queen Maeve has experienced and dealt with a lot of traumatic experiences. The Homelander was one of those things, but the superhero couldn’t help but take so much, and in the end decided it was enough.

Things started to change after Homelander allowed a civilian plane crash in season one. Later, when Stormfront joined in, Maeve’s patience was tested, and she began to wonder what things would later turn her against the Homelander. She did this by hitting Stormfront alongside Starlight and Kimiko first and blackmailing the Homelander to make sure he stayed put. While that didn’t last long, she made it clear that she was tired of it.

4 A-train betrays the supersonic

A-Train doesn’t like Homelander, but he loves his position on The Seven. The A-Train tries to make sure Homelander knows he’s loyal and will do anything to stay on The Seven, even if he kills someone.

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Supersonic sees an opportunity to try to get the A-Train to join his and Starlight’s plans after being sabotaged by Homelander. A-Train seemed really intrigued by the idea, and at first, it seemed like he wanted to go with the plan. It is later revealed that this is far from the truth, and he will use this knowledge as leverage to get into Homelander’s good graces, and the Supersonic ends up dead on a rooftop.

3 Congresswoman Victoria Newman Petrice Stan Edgar

Victoria Newman is one of those beloved and hated characters for a lot of good reasons. Since she’s still around, fans are already starting to theorize what might be in store for her after the things she’s done. Stan tells Edgar Newman that she needs to make a public statement criticizing Homelander.

However, after considering her options, she decided against it. Although she may have had the right idea in making the call not to speak out against Homelander because of her young daughter, she didn’t put herself in a good position by betraying Edgar. He still had plenty of time to get back even after she was accused of him.

2 The boy soldier team turns on it

Like father, like son; Hummanner’s biological father, Soldier Boy, is just as bad as him. Although he may have been the captain of a large Paypack team and had awesome powers, he’s definitely not a saint, and his teammates can attest to that.

After dealing with a lot of Soldier Boy’s antics, aggressive behavior, and abuse, the Soldier Boy team decided they had enough of it, so it’s not a huge surprise. Iit was for Soldier Boy, though. Because of his powers and abilities, the group had difficulty taking him down. No matter what they threw at him, he came back until Russian nerve gas was used, and he was out for the count.

1 Citizen kills Black Noir

Once Soldier Boy was gone, Black Noir joined The Seven. Despite the way Homelander acts, he’s been better for Black Noir than Soldier Boy ever. But Black Noir broke one of the golden rules of working with Homelander. Black Noir never told Homelander that Soldier Boy was Homelander’s father, and when he admitted he knew, Homelander didn’t take it well.

Instead of asking why Homelander would fist Black Noir’s stomach and rip his guts out. Even after killing him, Homelander told the others that Black Noir was better than ever. It was undoubtedly an unexpected moment that left many viewers dumbfounded.

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