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The unexpected end of the last of us It is among the most famous finals in video game history, and a small exchange during the game’s introduction led to the game’s ending, although few players noticed. Strong storytelling and character development the last of us It made it stand out even though there were many post-apocalyptic-themed video games at the time of its release. PlayStation 3 Classic has been remastered for PS4, and a remake will be released soon as a PS5 console exclusive. In addition to the AAA graphic presentation and competent gameplay, which combines exploration, action, crafting, and stealth elements, the story forces fans to reconsider the original game. TLO More than anything. Some subtexts, such as the Introduction Introduction, appear only in the second view.

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[Warning: Spoilers for The Last Of Us’ ending below]Even ardent fans may debate whether last of us 1 The new version is worth the $70 purchase for a graphic overhaul of the game two generations, but along with the changed presentation and gameplay, the new version gives players another chance to notice elements that might not be obvious in the first game, such as the warning in an introductory sequence. Although a lot of series have focused on the relationship between TLOU1 Protagonist, Joel Miller, and his surrogate daughter, Ellie Williams, return to the first game’s prologue bringing players back to Joel’s biological daughter, Sarah. After a brief glimpse into the couple’s daily life, the global tragedy of a Cordyceps infection shattered their inner calm.

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Sarah is the first playable character in the game, which can be seen as a small piece of warning, referring to the sequences in which she could play Ellie. TLOU1. The girl gives her father a birthday present and is sent to bed before she wakes up to an urgent call from her uncle, Tommy, another central figure in the TLO And the TLO2. A fungal infection is already turning people into unthinkable monsters, and Joel is forced to shoot his neighbor to defend his daughter. Joel, Tommy and Sarah get into a vehicle together and try to escape to safety. This car sequence contains a small amount of foreshadowing that gives insight into Joel’s mindset and priorities that guide his decisions in TLOU1End.

Joel puts the protection of his family above the lives of others in TLOU

Tommy discovers a man and woman with a young child on the side of the road, fleeing the same epidemic, and begins to slow the car to take them aboard. Joel protested, saying,What do you think you are doing? keep driving. Tommy defends his decision, saying:They have a baby, Joel. Joel is still adamant, saying,so do we. “Sarah rightly points out that the car has room to accommodate more passengers, but Joel is unrelenting in his judgment, and he repeats the fatwa,”keep driving. Few would have expected, on the basis of this simple exchange alone, that it would end TLOU1 Joel will be cast as a JRPG villain, as he eventually shows that he’s willing to spend the entire world protecting the girl he loves.

This decision shows in the introduction scene where Joel’s morals and ethics lie. He insists in his will to protect his daughter, but the welfare of strangers does not concern him. Later in the introduction TLOU1, Sarah is murdered by a soldier who follows orders to finish off anyone who might be infected, and shows a man willing to act immorally if he acts under orders. Joel has shown that he is willing to be immoral if it means protecting his family. As more than a million gamers know all too well, Joel continues to befriend Ellie, who serves as a romantic surrogate for his murdered daughter Sarah. Joel and Ellie bond over an hour TLOU1And, at the end of the game, Joel showed the same desire to prioritize one life above all others.

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In interviews, Joel’s voice actor in TLO An emphatic moral ambiguity defines the character and characterizes Joel as more of a villain than a hero. Joel’s adopted daughter Ellie has proven to be uniquely resistant to the Cordyceps plague. This makes Ellie important because she can provide hope for all of humanity, as the Fireflies group, which includes surgeons and paramedics, reveals they can harvest their immunity to craft a cure. For Joel, Ellie is important simply because she is his daughter. When he learns that the procedure to extract a sample of her immunity will cost her life, Joel makes the inevitable decision based on his well-established personality traits, and slays the fireflies so he can save Ellie.

Players discover a subtext and foreshadow years after the release of TLOU

In the introduction to the game, Joel prioritizes minimizing the risks to his daughter, Sarah, over saving three other people, one of whom was also a child. In the end, Joel makes a choice to steal humanity’s hope of recovering from Cordyceps to save Ellie’s life. There are many new additions last of us 1 A remake, including the use of the PS5 controller’s haptic feedback for more immersion, and new game modes such as Permadeath and Speed ​​Run. For most players, this is less tempting than just seeing the tragic story of TLOU1 Made with more cinematic fidelity than ever before. Joel made questionable choices to survive TLOU1, and each of these players reports his identity as a person. He’s willing to mutilate his soul to save himself, but to protect the girl he loves, there are absolutely no lines that Joel doesn’t want to cross.

Despite its painful end, or perhaps because of it, the last of us It received almost universal acclaim. Arguably the most mature themes of Our last 2, which questioned cycles of violence and the concept of justice, was more polarizing, but between these two games, Naughty Dog has established itself as a seed story amongst game developers. Games that focus on exploration like Breath of the wild They have secrets that players discover years after their release. For a story-focused game like the last of usEaster eggs discovered tend to be subtle bits of characterization, literary honors, and warnings, as we saw in the first game’s introduction. By showing that he cared more about protecting his family than trying to help others, Joel made it clear from the start what kind of person he was.

Joel was unwilling to stop the car to help the other families escape the infection because it could put Sarah in danger. He was similarly unwilling to let Ellie die to save countless men, women, and children, while giving humanity a chance to recover and rebuild society. Joel’s characterization is fixed in the last of usHis bow took the form of allowing himself to open his heart to Ellie, thus filling the void left by Sarah’s death. Joel’s priorities have not changed at any point, and he has developed no regard for the ethics of his actions. Joel was seen at the beginning the last of us Codryceps infection is the same as in the end game, a man is willing to let others die, as long as his family is safe.

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