Airplane enthusiasts demand surprise change in QB: ‘It’s time for Chris Streiffeler’


New York Jets quarterback Chris Streveler tossing soccer around during pre-season.

The New York Jets’ room hierarchy seems very closed.

Zach Wilson, when healthy, is the starting quarterback. Behind him stands the perpetual wonder of Joe Flacco as a well-established back-back.

However, third place in that room is Mike White’s party, but that may not be the case after week two of pre-season.

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Change we can all believe in

Former NFL General Manager, CEO of the Year Randy Mueller talks about jets, shortlisted nomineesBoy Green joins former NFL General Manager and CEO of the Year Randy Mueller for some New York Jets chatter, roster predictions, and pre-season talks! Make sure you like the video and hit subscribe!2022-08-22 T03:09:41Z

Back on July 26, the Jets signed former CFL Champion Chris Streffler’s contract. From all the reports, it was supposed to be nothing more than an arm camp.

However, despite this supposed pre-written fate, the talented quarterback had to work during the Philadelphia Eagles’ pre-season game.

He didn’t have any team representatives and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur admitted there were no plans to even play him in that competition. Wilson’s injury in the second drive of the game completely changed everything and the 27-year-old took his chance to the full.

That momentum continued into the second pre-season game versus the Atlanta Falcons and a cult-like movement began on social media calling for Strveler to raise the depth chart immediately.

The elephant in the room is that strifeller I have outdone White during pre-season and likely has changed the dynamic in the room going forward. This has led many on Twitter to say “it’s time” for an abrupt change in the depth chart.

Chris Taylor took to Twitter with his training hat ready to make a change.

Once Streveler got into the Falcons game, there was a tangible shift in energy at MetLife Stadium.

Jon spoke on behalf of Jets fans everywhere that it’s time to drink Kool-Aid if you haven’t already.

Michael Nania of Jets X-Factor made his position clear that Streveler is the QB3 going forward.

It’s hard to admit, apparently on social media, that Strveler has proven more capable in limited work than White.

Talk about exciting historical stats before the season! Randy Lange is a historian at the Gates and revealed that two of the seven victories came from behind at the hands of Strieweiler.

A cool nugget was shared by my partner in crime on the Heavy on Jets page. Michael Obermüller has argued that having a similar backup midfielder makes more sense when trying to maintain stability offensively.

Backup stats

videoAirplane enthusiasts demand a sudden change: ‘It’s time’2022-08-23 T00:24:36-04:00

They say the reserve midfielder is the most popular man on the team, and I’m not sure if that usually translates to the fourth man on the depth chart.

However, it’s not just fan hype on social media. Strveler outperformed White during the first two weeks of pre-season.

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