Lawrence Keeger Gates “makes it really hard” to cut it


These five Bubble New York Jets nominees impressed Robert Saleh and his coaching staff against the Atlanta Falcons.

With another New York Jets season game in the books, Heavy is back with the top five winners from Monday night’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.

We’re going to do this column a little differently this time, starting at the first riser and working our way down. The focus will remain on bubble candidates and players trying to secure a place on the roster, however, this part remains the same.

Before we get to it, you can check back on our top five highs and lows from last week against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Cager dominates with strong performance in all areas

It should come as no surprise that hard-line politician Lawrence Keeger won the night. NYJ’s truly unique assets are starting to make a serious boost to this list.

In fact, Michael Obermüller of Hevi chirp That ‘Cager makes [this decision] Really hard on the Gates coaching staff.” He said, “If they cut him off, [there is a] Good chance to claim him based on his ability to mismatch.” However, keeping him would mean maintaining four tight ends this year – and would also mean sending Kenny Yeboah and Tryvon Wesco into concessions.

The growing fan popularity helped him return to the Atlanta showdown on August 22, but it wasn’t the hilarious plays that impressed everyone. Cager’s hit has always been a holdover and his own teams acumen, especially after switching from a wide receiver.

In this game, Pro Football Focus gave him top five players special teams From 67.8 – higher than Yeboah Wisco. can turn it off Still uses some work But with three capable blockers in front of him on a tight end, the Cager would be best kept as a TE/WR hybrid on the scroll.

His intelligence and footballing awareness were also displayed in the face of the Hawks. on a long kajer 34 yards catch and run Landing, team reporter Notice Ethan Greenberg later That the playmaker told him he had a “choice path”. This usually means one of two options and Cager clearly chose correctly because he was bleeding wide into the center of the field.

The Georgia producer finished with three receptions for 65 yards on just 18 offensive shots.

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Remaining 4 risers vs hawks

“I try to be competitive” | 1 on 1 with Chris Streveler | New York Jets | NFLJets broadcaster Bob Wischosen talks with QB Chris Streveler after the team’s pre-season game against the Atlanta Falcons. Subscribe to New York Jets YT Channel: for more Jets NFL Action: #NewYorkJets #Jets #NFL For more Jets action:, 16:42:03 g

2. Chris Streffler, quarterback.

Another obvious one but Striveller transitioned from a hopeful coaching team to a challenger Mike White overnight. We discussed this in more detail earlier today, but the former CFL star quickly reignited that fan base in a way that is ironically reminiscent of White himself.

As midnight strikes for the 2021 cult hero, Streveler has taken the pumpkin’s place in Jets fans’ hearts. During his second straight win, the fourth-series QB threw for 119 yards just three times (one interception). He added a touchdown to Cager and 33 yards to the ground.

After the match, the coach Call Robert Saleh Streveler “Warrior and Fighter”.

3. Anna Bradley, defensive end.

It’s very possible that Anae literally saved his job on Monday night. The Jets are deep in an edge-rushing position and the former Utah prospect was at the bottom of the list.

Having said that, take the opportunity and take control of the entire world. PFF gave Anae Highest defensive score (74.8) Outback Jamien Sherwood. As a passing rusher, he scored two presses from a quarterback – one of which was a Landing in a tape bag – With one defensive stop in running D.

Anna had a little pass effect In the game – even if they are Don’t always count As pressure – and his 40 snaps were tied to third place in the entire defense. By the way, so many surprises prove that this could have been an ultimate test if things went badly.

4. Will Parks, Salama.

Parks was my biggest winner in the first half until the comeback. While most defensive novices (who were often secondary players actually) continued to struggle with concepts like area coverage and on-screen awareness, Parks was all over the place.

It was his best play blast screen that the athlete Zach Rosenblatt pointed out As a “night treat”.

Rosenblatt also warned fans: “Don’t sleep in parks making it the fourth safest plane for Ashten Davis and Elijah Riley.” A theory we’ve heard before from Jets media member X-Factor Ruby Sabo. (Edit: Riley has since been cut).

PFF approved with 74.6 overall score For gardens, 73.0 in coverage. The striker’s safety scored two steps – both fell as defensive – and allowed one capture for zero yards.

5. Jonathan Marshall, Defensive Handling.

The last big winner was Jonathan Marshall in last year’s final draft pick. Some people inside the building have high hopes that Defensive Intervention will take charge of Foley Fatukassi as the athletic “nose” of this 4-3 front.

In front of the Hawks, Marshall looked the part with a sack and five tackles (two for a loss). The PFF credited him with four defensive stops and although the sophomore wasn’t perfect, his strong signs of improvement were encouraging.

At some point, Marshall Chase down the screen From behind, he stood what would have been a massive gain. Again, do the same on Run four yards Who broke the first level. for him best sequence Came when Kiss followed suit with a major loss to screen attempt.

Overall, awareness of the Marshall Plan was the best we’ve ever seen. Rosenblatt noted that he has consistently “outperformed” DT veteran Nathan Shepherd as the two battle it out for a spot on the roster.

Stay tuned for our top five contestants from Prep Week 2.

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