Andor Kleib reveals how he stole from the empire

“Andor” arrives at Disney+ on September 21.

Before the premiere of the movie Andor Next month, Lucasfilm shared a new trailer from the series, which sees Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and Luthan (Stellan Skarsgård) discusses how one goes to steal from the Empire. It seemed easier than one might expect, but was anyone really surprised to learn that the Empire was so easy to deceive?

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Andor supervised Tony Gilroy Which was brought on the next Stephen SchiffDeparture before production begins. Gilroy has many roles in the project, writing for the series alongside his brother Dan Gilroy as well Bo Willemon. The 12-episode first season will feature episodes directed by Toby HaynesAnd the Ben KaronAnd the Susanna White. Before the premiere, it was announced Andor It will be a two-season series, with production beginning for the second season later this year, rounding out what will likely be a 24-episode series.

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Check out the new trailer below and check out Andor On September 21 when the first three episodes air exclusively on Disney+.

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