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the war No stranger to game modes. Dozens of mission types, daily newspapers, and alerts provide a great deal of variety to the rhythm of the shooter in the game. Among all these unique modes, Steel Path is the most interesting, serving as a kind of New Game Plus for veteran players.

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Originally designed as Warframe’s “Hard Mode”, Steel Path is a challenging setting that makes the star plot considerably more challenging, and is tuned for the end-game player’s arsenal of multi-format weapons and warframes. Completing the steel path can be daunting, but the rewards available are more than worth it. Here is a complete guide to setting the path of steel in Warframe.

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What is the steel path?

The Steel Path is the Warframe version of New Game Plus. Switched from the Star Chart menu, the Steel Path is a significantly harder version of the standard Star Chart that comes with its own daily missions, Acolyte minibosses, and custom rewards. These modifiers are active while Steel Path difficulty is on:

  • Enemy level: +100
    • Enemy level: +50
  • Enemy Health: + 250%
  • Enemy shield: + 250%
  • Enemy shield: + 250%
  • Supplier drop opportunity: + 100%
  • Chance to drop the mod: + 100%

In addition, Steel Path missions also have a new miniboss type: helpers. These enemies are variants of Shadow Stalker who use certain abilities and weapons in Warframe. Helpers spawn every five minutes in Steel Path missions. You will not find helpers in the Archwing or Assassination contract. Defeating the helper drops a mysterious weapon and two steel gems, a currency type exclusive to this difficulty mode.

Steel Path only affects basic Star Chart missions and daily incursions. You can’t switch the steel path for Sorts, Slots, Daily Guilds, Nightmare Quests, Sanctuary Attack, Alerts, or Railjack.

Why play hard track?

The Steel Path has a lot of unique end-game rewards, in particular Arkansas weapon. Enemies scattered in the steel path drop firearms which grants up to +360% base damage to your weapons, greatly increasing the total damage output. These helpers can also fall off steel corea currency that can be exchanged for cosmetic items, mysterious transformers for your weapons, and Kuva.

open steel road

To unlock the steel path, you must complete each node in the star chart. This includes dark clips, wing knots, and Zariman Ten-Zero. The Railjack, Golem Assassination, and Mutalist Alad V Assassination contract are excluded from this precondition. Once you clear each node, Teshin will ask you to visit Relay to talk to him. This opens the Hard Track difficulty mode, which is toggled on the right side of the Star Chart menu.

Steel Path has its own star chart offering. When you switch the hard path for the first time, the only accessible nodes will be on Earth. You have to clear the planet nodes and subsequent intersection to reach the other planets, just like how a standard star chart works. If you need to access your old Star Chart nodes, you can turn off Steel Path at any time. The intrusion dailies bypass this restriction.

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Steel path forays

Invasion of Steel Path are daily quests that give five steel core upon completion. Steel Essence is a currency associated with the purchase of certain end-game rewards from Teshin, so completing your daily conquests is a good resource for Kuva and weapon transformers.

Raids can occur on any Star Chart node, including Archwing missions. The mission plays the same as the typical Steel Path mission. As with standard Steel Path nodes, helpers can spawn during these raids, allowing you to get more Steel Essence from the mission. Incursions are the main source of Steel Essence and should be completed as closely as possible.

Steel Path Rewards

There are two notable rewards associated with the Steel Path:

  1. Arcanes Weapon: Primary and Secondary Arcanes that grant up to 360% base damage along with other Quality of Life buffs.
    1. Drops of slain assistants.
  2. steel core: A type of coin that can be exchanged in the Teshin Store.
    1. Drops of dead and daily intrusions.

Arcanes’ Escort Weapon

All helpers can bring down Arcane, Merciless, Deadhead, and Dexterity. There are primary and secondary versions of each Arcane, so the Acolytes have six Arcanes in total. Defeating the assistant has a 100% chance of bringing down the Arcane. You will need 21 of the same Arcane to create the R5 variant.

We cover these Arcanes in depth in our Galvanized Mods and Weapon Arcanes guide, but here’s a quick overview of what each Arcane does. The primary and secondary versions of each Arcane have the same stats:

  • merciless: + 30% damage for 4s when killed. Stack up to 12x. + 30% reload speed. + 100% ammo max.
  • parasite: + 120% damage for 24 seconds when killing headshots with accuracy. Stack up to 3x. + 30% for a head injury multiplier. -50% weapon recoil.
  • dexterity: + 60% damage for 20 seconds when killing melee. Stack up to 6x. + 7.5 seconds combo duration. + 60% clipboard speed.

Teshin Steel Core Store

Teshin has a profile Weekly periodical item And the fixed rewards in his store. Weekly quests rotate every Sunday at midnight UTC, while its fixed rewards are always available for purchase. You can only purchase the Teshin Weekly Offer once while it is available. Cosmetic rewards can also not be purchased more than once.

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steel path tips

  • Full Incursions: Incursion missions are the best source for Steel Essence, providing 5 Steel Essence for each mission. That’s 25 core steels a day.
  • Helpers killed: Helpers have a maximum proc stack for the state. Use high-hit guns on rapid fire state weapons to kill the helpers.
    • Heavy attack based on melee weapons works great against helpers, as long as your Warframe is a tank.
  • shield strip: Make sure your gear has a way to strip armor if you’re fighting a Grineer. Parasitic worms and focus can help with this.
    • Hildryn’s Pillage and Ash’s Shuriken with their augmentation, corrosive status, and Unairu Focus School can help combat enemy armor scaling.
  • Galvanized modifications: You can open arbitration and solid track simultaneously. Farm first for powerful galvanized mods, giving your weapons enough firepower to handle the Steel Path content.

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