How to turn on the flash for the iPhone camera

As iPhone cameras become packed with features, the increased icons and buttons within the Camera app may confuse some. You may want to use the camera flash instead of the night mode in surroundings with insufficient light. And since the icons no longer have labels, it’s hard to know how to flash iPhone.

To help, we’ll take a look at what the different flash icons mean and the steps you can take to flash your iPhone in a jiffy.

What do the iPhone camera flash icons mean?

You will see several circular icons with a lightning bolt in the camera app on your iPhone. In general, they follow the following rules:

  • When there is a file By flash codeit means that the flash is off.
  • when there is No dash, and the flash icon is white, it means that the camera flash is set to automatic. In good lighting, it will not flicker, and in dim light, it will.
  • When the iPhone camera The flash icon is highlighted in yellow, it means that the camera will always flash when a photo is taken. This could be because it’s set to always on, or it’s in automatic mode and your iPhone thinks it needs to use the flash.

How to turn on flash on newer iPhone

iPhone camera flash operating instructions vary depending on your model. Here’s how to enable the camera flash on iPhone 11, 12, SE (2nd generation), 13, etc.:

  1. open the camera Application and swipe up or tap arrow button at the top.
  2. Click on flash icon.
  3. Faucet on me To set the iPhone camera flash to always on.

Please note that you can also follow the above steps to turn on the front screen flash while taking selfies.

How to play iPhone Flash video

When in Video, Slo-Mo, or Cinematic mode of the iPhone Camera app, swipe up from the record button and tap flash icon to enable it. It will launch instantly, even when you are not recording. When you’re ready, tap the record button to start video shooting with the camera flash enabled.

iPhone does not support camera flash when using Pano (Panorama) and Time-Lapse modes.

The above steps show you how to set your iPhone camera flash to stay on and not get grabbed by night mode. If you change your mind and enable night mode, the flash will be disabled.

How to enable camera flash on old iPhones

If you have an old iPhone with a home button, such as iPhone 6S, iPhone 8, or iPhone SE (1st generation), unlock camera Application, click flash icon in the upper left corner and select on me. Follow the same steps to turn on the flash for video or slow motion modes.

On iPhone 6S and later, this also enables the screen to flicker when the front camera is turned on to take selfies.

Camera flash not working on iPhone

If the flash is not working, make sure that your iPhone is not too hot. But if this is the case, then wait for the device to cool down.

Oftentimes, restarting your iPhone should also help fix the gray camera flash. So, turn your iPhone off and back on before retrying to take a photo with the flash. But if these solutions fail to work, learn how to fix iPhone light not working.

iPhone camera with flash, light and motion!

Now, you know how to set the iPhone camera flash to always turn on instead of blinking automatically. In low-light environments, newer iPhones automatically start shooting in Night mode, which turns off the flash and Live Photos. But now you know how to force the camera to flash instead of shooting in night mode.

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