Top 9 Shows Like She-Hulk: Lawyer at Law

The Incredible Hulk has remained hugely popular in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its introduction in Phase 1, and fans have enjoyed seeing how Bruce and his alternate character have evolved and evolved across the many projects.

Now, viewers get a chance to try on a new member of the Gamma family in the form of Jennifer Walters’ She-Hulk. Whether they’re connected to the plot, have a similar feel, or deal with some of the same themes, there are plenty of other series for Marvel fans to check out next.

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9 reckless

Netflix was home to the first official MCU live series, but when their role in the official canon ended it came into question. While most of the shows have been well received by critics and fans, none have been as consistently good as Daredevil.

She-Hulk fans should get away with every season of the show, in addition to The Defenders, given Matt’s ongoing role in the MCU (including She-Hulk), but it’s also the only other show that’s partially focused on law and courtroom drama.

8 orphan black

Marvel Cinematic Universe films have always been a huge deal with fans, and the decision to cast Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters has been received with universal acclaim. Those who enjoyed her at She-Hulk will want to be sure to check out her breakout role in Orphan Black.

While the lead actress is the same, the similarities run deeper. Just as Jennifer has to learn to handle a new “personality” (albeit not as dramatic as Bruce did), Orvan Black sees Sarah Manning of Maslany discover and interact with a mysterious series of Doppelgangers who are just like her.

7 hook

Despite the fact that they are both from the Marvel series, She-Hulk and Hawkeye have more similarities than most other pairs of franchise shows.

The Bold series offers a slightly more upbeat and colorful look at the world of superheroes, and they both share a similar sense of fast-paced humor. Furthermore, part of what makes these two of the best Marvel series on Disney+ is the relationship between the original Avenger and the new hero learning how to take on a role of his own.

6 suit

Although he doesn’t technically have as much power as Jennifer Walters, Mike has an amazing photographic memory that gives him a foot in just about everything. The show follows Mike, who hides the fact that he dropped out without a legal degree, and Harvey, an established attorney, as they deal with personal issues and adversities.

Members Strong woman Looking for a greater focus on the legal process will find many to like suitAnd while they’re not quite the same, they also have their fair share of humor.

5 Harvey Birdman, attorney at law

Harvey Birdman, attorney at law It obviously has a subtitle with She-Hulk: Attorney at LawThey do share many similarities that make it worth checking out. Birdman was originally a slasher hero in the Hannah Barbara series Birdman and Galaxy Triobut was re-popular on the satirical talk show, From ghost coast to coast.

From there, Harvey got his own amazing show focused on his legal practice. He runs Sebben & Sebben Law Firm, a group of superheroes who notably help other Hannah Barbara cartoons with their legal problems.

4 Incredible Hulk

The Hulk’s solo films were met with mixed reviews, and while the same can be said for the 1978 series, it has become a beloved cult classic for its human stories and a surprisingly cool show of Lou Ferrigno in green makeup as The Hulk.

Although it takes some liberties with the comic book version of the character to make the show work on TV (both in terms of narrative and in terms of special effects), the show does highlight the complex and often turbulent relationship between Bruce and the Hulk, which is clearly a It’s still in flux in the MCU.

3 The best of Saul on demand

Too bad It was a cultural phenomenon that played a huge role in ushering in and detaching a new golden age of cinematic television, The best of Saul on demandIt accomplished the daunting task of living up to its predecessor.

The best of Saul on demand It follows the evolution and moral collapse of Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman, a New Mexico attorney who tangles increasingly dubious cases with increasingly dubious people. It’s more dangerous than Strong womanBut fans of the legal aspects of the show will enjoy a different take on the dark side of the law.

2 Xena: Warrior Princess

One of the early criticisms of the MCU was that it was not diverse enough. While Black Widow was one of the original movie avengers, Marvel movies led by women or minorities haven’t been shown for very long. Fortunately, this issue has been largely corrected in more recent stages, and Strong woman She is the latest to feature a strong and distinct heroine in Jennifer Walters.

Xena: Warrior Princess It started as a popup for Hercules: Legendary JourneysFor many, however, Xena has become the most compelling show. Xena is a superhero in everything but the name, and the series was important to giving the female-led action series the respect it deserves.

1 McBeal’s ally

A staple of 1990s and early 2000s television, McBeal’s ally Follow the attorney emeritus as she navigates legal cases and dramatic personal life in Boston. anyway Strong woman Not centered around a love triangle like McBeal’s ally is that both the characters and the shows show how difficult it is to balance personal and professional responsibilities—whether those responsibilities involve friendships or fighting crime.

Moreover, like She-Hulk, Ally McBeal It was actually part of a common narrative world. It is set in the same world as practiceand although the shows were broadcast on different networks, they crossed several times.

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