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In their weekly text, the Weird things‘Writers’ Room’ Season 4, the final scene of Volume 2 has been released on Twitter. win the vote gober, fans and writers spoke, as usual, presented in three exciting pages that ended with “the end of the season.” This particular scene shows the main characters meeting Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper (David Harbour(After a long season of split episodes, and the terrifying realization that Hawkins may never recover from Vicna)Jimmy Campbell Power) understand anytime soon. Goosebumps intensified.

The final episode of Season 4 of the original sci-fi series on Netflix Weird things Getting fans to their knees this summer. After the mayhem of Season 3 with Starcourt’s battle against the monstrous Mind Flair Bodies Beast, we were curious to see what could top that epic showdown. display makers, not shiny And the Ross Dover, essentially, “Hold my Coca-Cola,” and gave us a sensual, conscious villain with the raw face of Freddy Krueger and a devious Thanos philosophy. For much of Season 4, half of our party searches for the origins of this mysterious new enemy, while the other half searches for eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) which has lost its powers at the most annoying time. When, at last, they discover the identity of Vecna ​​(as Henry Creel and One), it’s too late. Max Mayfield (Sadie SinkThe heart stopped, opened the fourth and final Vecna ​​gate, and unleashed the horrors of the Upside Down on Hawkins.

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In the text posted to Twitter, fans relive the reunion of the crying Jopper with El, Will and Mike (Finn Wolfhard). Elle realizes that Joyce’s conference took her to Russia and returned with Hopper in a chariot, and Hopper tempers the idea of ​​his daughter’s friend Mike, who crosses the desert to rescue her. The Duffer Brothers relieve us on the happy ending before the camera turns to Will (Noah Schnapp). The reunion is a bittersweet moment for Lowell, who cunningly revealed his soul in front of Mike, but what we see isn’t his suffering. Will’s now famous goosebumps “is on fire,” and as everyone hugs each other, Will senses that evil has not been defeated.

Evil spreads in both the earth and the sky…an epic shot of Eleven, Hopper, Joyce, Mike, Will, Nancy and Jonthan, standing together – United – In this half-dead field of flowers, they are preparing for it last fight. “

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In the episode, a dark cloud passes by, and suddenly everyone has the same realization: something sinister is afoot. In the text, the book explained that what drifts in the air like snow, as Mike’s younger sister declared, is not snowflakes or ash, but spores. In the episode we saw a number of reactions to the horrific scene, from Mike’s mother to Steve (Joe KerryRobin (Maya Hawk) and Vicki (Embeth McNulty) in high school. Back in Hopper’s cabin, when the group enters the clearing, they see huge plumes of black smoke billowing from downtown Hawkins, with helicopters flying over “to show us the sheer, monstrous scale of this thing.” The scene is infernal, spores rising from the mushroom cloud in the center, and looks eerily like the visions of Will in Season 2, and Shadow Monster of Season 3.

What the text clearly states is that whatever falls from this “rift” corrupts the earth, spreading rapidly. The last few lines see our heroes collaborating to find out what the script says”last fight. “

All four seasons Weird things Available to stream on Netflix before the fifth and final season. You can watch the post and watch the final scene below:

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