Melissa Gorga shaded over ‘horrible’ lips in the latest video


Melissa Gorga

This week, Melissa Gorga took to Instagram to promote a product for her curls, but “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fans quickly took to another aspect of the video to criticize the star.

On August 25, Gorga posted a video of herself trying out the product and wrote in the caption, “You guys always ask me how to get a beach wave! I thought I’d show you a little tutorial.” However, many fans commented on Gorga’s look in the video and especially her lips, as many said they looked very plump. Here is the post:

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Fans ripped her lips in the video as many said she went ‘too far’

Several commenters on Gorga’s Instagram post commented that her lips looked a bit plump, with one saying, “I love hair…lips…it went too far.” Another said, “Too much on the upper lip.” One wrote, “Her hair is beautiful, but those lips, Daium!!!” Another person commented, “There’s a lot of lip fillers.” Another added “wtf happened to your lips and teeth.”

Comments continued, with one saying, “Your lips are about to pop! Are you and Teresa [Giudice] in competition for the biggest lips.” Another wrote, “Oh no! I hope you don’t go to the same person to style your lips as Teresa.” Another person shaded Gorga, “What did you do to your face? That’s not good.” One wrote: “Too many lips,” while another added, “What are you doing with your lips??? Stop blowing!!! “

One wrote: “Girl stop with nose jobs and lip injections. You are ruining your face.” Another slammed Gorga, “Oh my God, those lips. They look like a toilet plunger.” Someone said, “Hell.. you don’t look like you don’t anymore… what’s the reason for this surgery on the lips and all of this making you all look sloppy.” Another agreed, “You’ve got to stop getting lip injections, your lips look terrible to fit your face.”

Jorga admitted to getting her lips back in 2019

Gurga has opened up about getting some work done in the past, revealing in 2016 that she got a nose job. “Let’s be honest,” she said at the time, “it’s the most hidden secret that I’ve had rhinoplasty, but it’s a secret for me to say.” I did well. “Some people like to say, ‘Hey, I injected this, this tummy tuck,’ and that’s fine too. It’s a personal thing to me. It’s one of the very few things that is personal in my life at this point.”

A few years later, I admitted it yes! She also had her lips done. “The first time I had my lips done, I will never forget, I tried it on randomly and…I thought I looked so sexy…Joe [Gorga] He came home and said: What did you do?! You get on a reality show, and you become a different person! It calmed my entire lip condition,” she told the magazine in August 2019.

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