This new computer case from ASUS 13 can fit fan


Cooling your PC for gaming can get complicated once you cross a certain performance point. The better the CPU/GPU performance, the hotter it gets. That’s why it’s important for high-performance PCs to have plenty of cooling, and a new chassis from ASUS was designed just for that.

ASUS just unveiled the TUF Gaming GT502 PC Case. The TUF brand is usually for mid-range gaming, while the more popular ROG lineup is what ASUS usually uses for its high-end gaming gear. Despite this, this TUF bag has everything a discerning user could need, including, most importantly, ample space and versatility for cooling.


It features a dual-chamber design, and in all, the case allows you to install up to 13 fans (it comes with four pre-installed ARGB fans plus an ARGB hub), allowing you to draw in and exhaust just the right amount of air to keep your PC cool. Or maybe a lot more than you actually need. Because, really, that’s an overkill for most systems. If you have very high-end parts, or if you plan on overclocking a lot, this can probably come in handy. The case also comes with plenty of versatility in terms of cooling, allowing you to install up to 360mm of cooler for AIO coolers or dedicated liquid-cooling rings.

Being large, it can accommodate pretty much anything you want to install. It supports graphics cards up to 400mm, ATX motherboards, ATX power supplies, and even a vertical brace if you choose to mount your graphics card horizontally. Likewise, the box comes with several other goods to satisfy all PC builders, whether they’re building a regular mid-range gaming PC or a giant machine-equipped RTX 3090 Ti. These range from rich front panel connectors, including a USB-C port, to built-in cable clips for easy cable management.

We don’t have pricing or availability information, but keep an eye on your retailer of choice if you’re interested in getting one of these for your next gaming PC.

source: ASUS

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