Millie Alcock was thwarted by Emma Darcy’s interview

If you are following Dragon House Then the performance of the Australian actor Millie Alcock, who plays the young princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, would have hit you at some point. She’s quite unlike any other female character we’ve seen in the world of Westeros. She is not a girl in distress and does not need to fight for her safety or status. Alcock’s portrayal of Rinera is wonderful, calm and collected, and in a new interview with him The Hollywood ReporterShe discussed her role in casting and revealed that she was “surprised” to learn that her character would be the focal point of the first part of the season.

Alcock, who was living in her mother’s attic when she landed the part Dragon HouseShe “sank to the floor” when she received a confirmation call one evening at her friend’s house. She said, “I asked my friend if he had any wine and I couldn’t really tell him why. He thought something really terrible had happened.” However, she indulges Game of thrones Before she landed in London to shoot the series where she felt that “someone just dropped me off in the middle of the ocean like an ocean without anything.”

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Speaking about the pressures of landing a wide range and portraying one of the series’ most valuable players, Alcock revealed that she was “really shocked and surprised” by her character’s fame on the show, however she did find some similarities with Reinera,

“There was a lot of responsibility in having to carry Rhaenyra, and it was interesting that Rhaenyra and I had similar paths in our story – the way we made it through the unexpected world we really expected to be in, and we learned how to meet those challenges.”

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Interestingly, she revealed that she is discouraged from meeting the other Rhaenyra, i.e., Emma Darcy Who will play an older version of the character. Alcock revealed that she and Darcy wanted to discuss the character’s development with the director Miguel Saposhnik, But “Miguel didn’t want us to meet—which is really fun! So, we didn’t have that discussion. Miguel was like, ‘Just trust you both have it.’ I think he knew we were going to try to imitate each other.” It makes sense that the actors wouldn’t imitate each other because the versions we’ll see on screen are a decade apart and people change over time. Emily Carrey She also recently revealed that she gave similar advice to her and the actor Olivia Cookwho will play an older version of Alicent Hightower.

However, the show’s producers have some advice for Alcock when it comes to playing Rhaenyra, “She’s totally stoic the way she likes it, and I’m quite a fidgety person. And [Ryan and Miguel] I kept reminding me that there is strength in stillness. “She doesn’t have to prove herself, she has that stature,” the actor revealed.

We’ll see more of Alcock as a Targaryen princess in Dragon House Episode 3 will air on September 4, in the meantime, you can check out the show below:

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