Halloween 3 Gets 40th Anniversary Collection at Gutter Garbs

“It’s almost time, kids. The clock is ticking. Be in front of your televisions at Horrorthon, followed by Big Giveaway. Don’t miss it.”

It’s officially Halloween season and that means there are a huge number of horror movies to watch. One of the most underrated films centered around this scary time of the year is Halloween 3: Witch Season. This strangeness in Halloween The chain is celebrating its 40th anniversary this October, and Gutter Garbs has now unveiled its newest product. witch season A group that any fan of this cult classic will have a shout out.

The popular horror apparel maker’s latest collection includes four new designs. The first two designs feature the movie’s signature logos. The first is the pumpkin from the opening credits which saw a static-filled television screen slowly reveal the seasonal bright orange element. He helped create the uniquely spooky tone of this movie John Carpenter And the Alan HowarthA fantastic result that sends chills down the spine of horror fans. The next design is the badge of Silver Shamrock Novelties who used Halloween masks in the movie to kill the unlucky kids who wore these masks. This was in an effort to return the holiday trade to the dark ages. It’s hard for this shirt not to make you think of a funny Halloween song from this treacherous game company, but it will make you think of it instantly. Dan O’HerlehyAmazing performance as the villainous Kunal Cochran. It truly is one of the best villainous performances in movie history with O’Herlihy gleefully chewing on every scene he’s in.

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The next “season” design sees the infamous masks from the film’s front and center. Witch, skull and pumpkin masks are the definition of classic horror images. The main part of the shirt is very reminiscent of the spooky montage from the movie that showed children around the world wearing silver shamrock masks trick or treating and enjoying their evening before their premature death. About this design are other smaller, memorable images from the movie. There’s the Santa Maria town sign where Silver Shamrock is located, there’s the downstream processing sign that’s a fatal gag at the Silver Shamrock factory, and Tom AtkinsThe Reluctant Champion Dr. Dan Shallis. There is also a snake that hints at the most famous and terrifying scene in the world witch season.

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However, the final design is the crown jewel of this horror set that brilliantly depicts this movie’s classic cliffhanger ending. Atkins’ begging the TV station to get the Silver Shamrock ads off the air is one of the most intense and shocking scenes in genre history. Everything, from the way it was edited to Atkins’ committed performance to the lines of dialogue, made this ending hold a place in the minds of every horror fan who dared watch it. Just a look at the cool design of this shirt will give you painful shocking memories when you hear the phrase “Stop! STOP! STOP!” While Atkins shouts into the camera and the film ends poorly. It’s a big part of why this movie is a cult classic. This particular design is available in both T-shirt and hoodie versions.

witch season It was unfairly criticized when it was released for not having Michael Myers in the movie, but thankfully, this horror and sci-fi thriller has been re-evaluated in the past 40 years. This is a complex, fun and dark look Halloween The date and days long before Myers walked the earth. How this movie explored magic and the “Festival of Samhain” through a modern lens is still as unique as it was in 1982. This is a must-see horror movie for Halloween, and it’s great to see companies like Gutter Garbs give this cult classic the respect and celebration it deserves. This group followed the news that witch season He’ll also get an Anniversary Collection from Cavity Colors, too.

Garbs . gutter Halloween 3: Witch Season The 40th Anniversary Collection is ready for pre-order now website. T-shirts will be $28 a t-shirt, and zip-up hoodies will be $48. The pre-order period will end on Sunday with the set expected to be delivered the week of October 2nd. This is just the right time to celebrate a movie’s anniversary. Until then, you can rent or buy Halloween 3: Witch Season On all major VOD platforms.

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