The original Avengers Ultron movie was even scarier

While Ultron It is one of the most popular websites Avengers In the history of the Marvel Universe, the villains weren’t the first killer robot to have been in an army of corpses at one time, with that honor going to another villain who was even more terrifying. However, the villain in question shares a connection with Ultron that fans might not expect.

Ultron made his first appearance in Marvel Comics in Avengers #54 by Roy Thomas and John Bussima. When introduced, Ultron was simply an unnamed Android apparently used by evil masters to take down the Avengers. However, as readers will soon learn, Ultron was not a robot controlled by evil masters but in fact the true puppet master behind the evil organization’s attack. In fact, before Ultron debuted, it was actually created by Hank Pym himself. Upon the birth of Ultron, the evil robot hypnotizes Pym until he forgets that he created Ultron giving the villain the element of surprise he needs to launch a strike against his creator and the entire Avengers team. Since then, Ultron has remained the enemy of Earth’s greatest heroes and its power has grown since then Avengers for the first time.

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in Avengers #42 By Roy Thomas and John Buscema, Hank Pym aka Goliath has been kidnapped by the evil Diablo, while the Avengers along with The Fantastic Four scramble to get him back. Diablo is a villain who grew up in The Magnificent Four Comics, and his claim to fame is that he gave life to an incredibly deadly robot known as Dragon Man. In capturing Bem and exploiting his scientific genius, Diablo hopes to give life to an army of Dragon Men who are all just as powerful as the original. Since Diablo also kidnapped Pim’s wife, Janet Van Dyne aka the Wasp, Pim did what he was told and helped create Diablo’s Dragon Men’s Army.

While the name sounds a bit goofy, Dragon Man is definitely no joke. Dragon Man aka Draconus is an android that looks like a human dragon and possesses frighteningly powerful abilities including super strength, speed, durability, flight and fire breath. While this might sound a bit out of the ordinary in regards to super villains, Dragon Man’s powers far surpassed most other villains in the Marvel Universe at the time – especially his fiery breath. When Dragon Man encountered the Human Torch (also known as Johnny Storm) earlier The Fantastic Four Comedian, he was able to warm up Johnny, the hero who immersed his body in cosmic flames that can reach temperatures similar to that of an exploding star. Now, in this issue of Avengers, Dragon Man and his original Man of his Life, Diablo, are back, forcing Hank Pym to give life to a large number of Dragon’s men as Pym later did to Ultron. Ultron is a very powerful villain who was responsible for the Terminator-style apocalypse in a later Marvel Comics story, but Dragon Man is something even more terrifying. Not only can Dragon Man basically melt anything on the planet due to the fact that it was able to overheat a human torch, but the sight of an ultra-fast, powerful and diabolical robotic monster flying around New York and literally melting buildings with its fire-breathing is something even Ultron’s power-killing Avengers wouldn’t be really able to compete with him.

While Hank Pym wasn’t directly responsible for the original creation of Dragon Man, his reluctant collaboration with Diablo would have only amplified Android’s divine-level power pool and terrifying aesthetic by turning a single creature into an army of unstoppable villains. They wiped out the world in ways that Ultron could only dream of – making it Avengers A native ‘Ultronway more horrifying than the original.

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