Why Sister Wives Season 17 should be the end of the series

Fans began to agree that Sister Wives Season 17 should be the last season of the polygamy show because the wives live far away from Kody Brown.

Fans are starting to feel the storylines being repeated and think Sister wives Season 17 should be the last show. The previous season showed the Brown family breaking up as Cody Brown started to lose control after putting some strict COVID-19 rules in place. While the next season is set to spark some drama, most viewers believe the show won’t be on the air for much longer.

Sister wives The sixteenth season showed Kristen Brown at a crossroads in her life. She was tired of her marriage to Cody and admitted that she no longer believed in polygamy. Cody had no idea how Kristen was feeling as he tried to ignore his marital problems. Instead, he isolated himself with the only other person he would always agree with, his fourth wife, Robin Brown. The tension only increased when his wives and children began to resent him. The patriarch seemed to fall in love with everyone and everything around him, leading viewers to learn that Kristen had finally decided to leave Cody after 26 years together.

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For more than ten years, Sister wives It’s always been popular on TLC, but some loyal followers believe the show should come to an end. Sister wives It started as a documentary series intended to show Brown out into the world as a polygamist in Utah. However, over the years, the tone has changed, with some viewers feeling the series was getting darker, especially after the Mary Brown scandal, Cody avoiding his children, and Kristen leaving the marriage. Viewers have already taken to Reddit via u/adhale17 To share their hopes Sister wives season 17 is final call. “

In the subject, most Sister wives Viewers agreed that the new season would be toxic, with many unable to imagine the show’s continuation. Viewers weren’t thrilled with how Cody appeared to yell at Kristen during the trailer. Cody came across a very hostile attitude as he told his ex-wife “sacrifices“To love it. For years, viewers have felt that Cody has manipulated and lit up his entire family, as fans are tired of his tricks.

When Sister wives It first aired on TLC in 2010, and there was no doubt that viewers were fascinated by the very different lifestyle of the polygamous Mormon family. At the time, Cody and his wives made it clear that they were not part of FLDS, which received negative media, and followers wanted to know more. Over the years, the Brown family has shown its weak sides, making it relatable to the public. However, after the dark turn the show has taken and some accusations, it might be time Sister wives Season 17 to take its final arc.

source: u/adhale17/ reddit

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