10 Quotes That Prove Nate Is Actually The Worst

News for fans trance It hasn’t been so great lately with Barbie Ferreria exiting after a lackluster storyline in Season 2 and word of this Season 3 won’t arrive until 2024 but if there’s one character that’s okay a fan of not seeing in over a year, it’s Nate Jacobs.

He’s basically the show’s main antagonist, doing gruesome things at every turn and not suffering the consequences he deserves (except for one hit from an axe). Nate has lied, manipulated, abused, blackmailed, insulted, and more, making him the worst of all. It comes through the awful things he says and that other people say about him.

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“I’m Tyler, the one I fell in love with.”

Nate (S1, E7)

The things that Nate did to Jules might have been worse than he did to anyone else because he was more than just mean or hurtful. He taints her as a guy named Tyler, breaks her heart, and then proceeds to blackmail her to get the real Tyler into trouble for something he didn’t do.

In this episode, Jules is seen stating that she is afraid of Nate and the things he can do and this was his response. The informal cadence of the way he posed something so overwhelming to Jules proved how little he cared about her.

“I ruined my whole life for you.”

Cassie (S2, E6)

There’s no doubt that Cassie Howard made many bad decisions throughout Season 2. She quickly fell in love with Nate, ignoring everyone around her and telling her it was a bad move, cheating on Maddy, and more. So, this line makes perfect sense.

In many ways, Cassie threw everything away from Nate. She lost friendships, the respect of others, and even a place to live simply because she was so devoted to her wrong idea of ​​love. Nate knew she was doing it and didn’t care, which allowed her to delve deeper into this toxic relationship.

“You can’t blackmail me into an affair with you.”

Nate (S2, E4)

After becoming one of the most beloved characters in trance In season one, Cassie’s downfall for Nate Jacobs had everyone sympathetic to her in season two. However, it soon became clear that this relationship was unhealthy for both of them.

This was highlighted in the argument they got into during “You Who Can’t See, Think Those Who Can” where Cassie suggested blackmailing him into a more serious relationship. While Nate is right in saying that it’s Cassie’s fault, it also shows his hypocritical side given that he previously blackmailed Jules.

“We both start off hurting others”

Nate (S2, E8)

Most of the second season saw Nate getting closer and closer to confronting his father due to his past communicating with younger males. Everything came to a head in the end as Nate found where Cale was staying and brought a gun to talk to him.

Even though he didn’t use the gun, the scene was tense the whole time. Nate has expressed his feelings for his father including this line, admitting that they are two terrible people. Cal isn’t entirely blamed for who Nate became but he did play a big part.

“Do you want my advice? You and f*** her like a bitch she is.”

NET (S1, E1)

Nate has a silly view of what it means to be a “man,” evidenced by his toxic masculinity and many of the things he says. That was immediately apparent in the first episode of the show when he said disgusting things about Cassie.

His friend McKay was interested in her, but instead of supporting it, Nate brought up her sexual past, showing leaked photos and videos of her, and said this line. It just showed the kind of person he is and proved his influence because McKay has never fully accepted Cassie as anything more than a sexual being.

“You are abusive, psychotic. Most of the time I really hate the way you make me feel.”

Material (S1, E8)

Many fans think Maddy and Nate were perfect for each other because they were toxic at times. Nate treated Maddie with little respect but there was something about him that she kept coming back to and confessing that she loved him.

However, Maddie understood what was happening and explained it at the end of season one. She knew he had done terrible things and that it made her feel terrible. She played a role in the second season where Maddie broke up with him and although she almost got back to him, she grew up as someone who realized she deserved better.

“You are like half of augmented reality *****.”

Nate (S1, E7)

As noted, Nate is prone to saying offensive things whenever he gets the chance. It happened again when Fez finally confronted him in the penultimate episode of season one. Fez was defending his friend and warned Nate not to come after St.

Instead of walking away or even doing something like threatening Fez, Nate chose to gently hit him. He fled to Fez due to drug abuse and left school early, calling it a very offensive name, and calling it stupid.

“He made a long mental checklist of the things he likes and dislikes in women.”

Rue (S1, E2)

Although she is the voice behind the majority of episodes, Rowe has proven to be an unreliable narrator at times and has lied on several occasions. One of the times she didn’t seem to lie was when she was explaining Nate’s opinions about women.

Apparently, Nate made a long list of his likes and dislikes about females and they were all superficial, showing how he viewed the world. He wanted things like tans, mini skirts, and heels, but he hated body hair, girls talking “like boys,” and sandals without pedicures. He had an image of what a woman should be and didn’t accept anything else, which is disgusting.

“You are so broken that you don’t trust yourself.”

Nate (S1, E4)

Jules found out that Nate was actually Tyler during “Shook Ones Pt. II” and was crushed upon reveal. Nate wasn’t satisfied with it even though he found ways to hurt her emotionally even more during their conversation.

He’s included in that discussion calling him Jules broken in the face and saying that’s why he can never trust her. Doing cats and blackmailing was bad enough, but insulting them with something very personal only made it worse.

“There are no bullets in the gun.”

Nate (S2, E6)

Leave it to Nate to do something totally horrible in the midst of doing something good. His plan was to return the DVD of Jules having sex with Cal from Maddy but he did it in the worst possible way.

Nate broke into her room and threatened her with a gun. Having pointed it at her, he put it on his head and played Russian roulette until she returned the disc. When Maddie cried in the fetal position and got what he wanted, he tried to play it as a joke and explained that the gun was never loaded. It’s the kind of thing that proved that Nate was heartless.

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