Adamma Ebo and Adanne Ebo Talk Honk to Jesus. Save your soul.

They also talk about working with Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown and how they worked in the editing room to find the right tune.

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with Honk for Jesus. Save your soul. Now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock, I recently spoke to a writer and director Adama Ibo and the product Adanne Ebo About making their featured debut. in the movie, Regina Hall She plays Trinity Childs, the first lady of the major Southern Baptist Church who once served tens of thousands of people. But after a scandal involving her husband, Reverend Lee Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown), which has forced the church to temporarily close, Trinity is struggling to contain the fallout, as both attempt to rebuild the congregation and the church. The film was initially created as a short show in 2018 by sisters Adamma and Adanne Ebo.

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During the interview, they talked about their history with the church, why they wanted to tell this story, how they worked with Hall and Brown before filming started, what it was like in the editing room and finding the right tone, how they used real Grandma hats, and getting taken Harry Potter London tour.

Honk for Jesus. Save your soul. Produced by Monkeypaw’s Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya through a 59% production company with Amanda Crichlow; Together with Adma and Adan Ibo; Jessamine Burgum and Matthew Cooper of Pinky Promise; Rowan Riley, Cara Dorit, Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown.

See what they have to say in the player above and beyond is exactly what we talked about and the trailer.

Adama Ibo and Adan Ibo

  • their history with the church.
  • What was happening to them on the Harry Potter tour of London?
  • Why do they want to tell this story?
  • What was it like filming on a real road with their actors?
  • How did they work with Hall and Brown before they started?
  • How was the situation in the editing room and finding the right tone?
  • Surprise visit from Regina Hall.
  • How they used their grandmother’s hats in the movie.

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