How to Play Albert Wesker ‘Mastermind’ in Dead By Daylight (Killer’s Evidence)

resident evil Albert Wesker enters the fog dead by day Like Killer The Mastermind. After the success of the first vampire detach from dead by daywhich featured Nemesis as Killer, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine as Survivors, and Behavior Interactive and Capcom once again to form a second chapter, this time with the new Project W. title. dead by day The chapter doesn’t just bring iconography vampire villain Albert Wesker, but also introduces two of the most famous survivors, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Project W also includes in-game and in-menu audio fonts, not only for Wesker, Ada, and Rebecca, but for the rest of the world as well. vampire crew in dead by dayincluding legendary skins Chris, Claire Redfield, Carlos Oliveira, and Shiva Age.

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According to the lore in the game, Wesker was captured dead by daylight The entity after injecting itself with Uroboros during the events Resident Evil 5. Because of this, Wesker’s special power in dead by day Mainly inspired by his appearance in Resident Evil 5. Like its counterpart Nemesis, Wesker can spread infection, resulting in many supply cases in a dead by day Experience. Infected survivors will need to use these supply cans for a first aid spray, which they can use on themselves or others to treat a Uroboros infection. Unlike Nemesis vaccines, First Aid Spray is not refilled so there is a limited supply of it available.

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Wesker’s basic stats make him similar to many other assassins in dead by day. Its movement speed is 115%, the radius of terror is 40 meters, and it stands at an average height. It becomes somewhat slower when charging for an attack using its own power. It is considered a medium difficulty assassin, which means that players will need some experience playing the assassin to get comfortable playing with it. In addition, to play the role of Wesker in dead by dayPlayers will need to learn to control and master his ability, Virulent Bound, during the trial, as well as take advantage of his unique perks.

Like another recently dead by day The killers, including Hell breeder Cenobite and the original character The Dredge, Wesker comes with multiple special abilities. Although his weapon is simply his standard combat knife, he also has two unique abilities. His main method of attack is called Virulent Bound. When charging, the Virulent Bound allows the Wesker to lunge forward toward the survivors and shoot them at the nearest solid object. Insidious restriction not only causes the survivor to lose a state of health, but is also a version of Uroboros infection. Once the infection spreads, survivors become disabled, reducing movement speed by 8%. If the survivor is already injured, the second constraint will result in a serious injury, automatically capturing the survivor in the process without being formally dropped.

Like every character in dead by dayWesker has three unique perks that can eventually be taught to all other killers: super anatomy, awakened consciousness, and the ultimate. These perks offer the following advantages:

  • superior anatomy: When the survivor performs a rushed vault inside 8 meters from the killer, superior anatomy activates; superior anatomy Iwrinkle killer jump speed 30/35/40% Next time they jump a window. superior anatomy It is deactivated after jumping and has a cooldown period 30 seconds.
  • Awakening consciousness: While carrying a survivor, the aura of all other survivors is revealed when they are inside 16/18/20 meters From the site of the killer.
  • End: Once in exit gates powered, End activates; All injured, dying, or addicted survivors suffer from broken Status effect until exit gates are opened. The effect remains for more 20/25/30 seconds After opening the exit gates.

Like all the perks in dead by dayThere is a possibility that these effects will change in future corrections.

Since the latest major no-content patch for dead by dayThe way Teachable Privileges work has changed. To make Wesker’s unique perks appear in other Killers’ Bloodwebs, players will need to reach level 50 of his Bloodweb and Prestige him once. This unlocks all three perks at the lower level for all other Assassins. Players will need to repeat this two more times to reach level 3 of Prestige to get all three perks at the higher level for each Assassin.

Wesker also has several add-ons that can increase his abilities even more and help players become more powerful with him as an assassin. The best of these are Iridescent Additives, Lab Photo and Iridescent Uroboros Vial. Lab Photo allows Wesker to destroy platforms and breakable walls on impact while using a Virulent Bound, but eliminates his ability to vault platforms while bonding. Uroboros iris vial causes survivors to begin the experience already infected with Uroboros and experience the 30-second exposed status effect upon critical injury. Other good additions include the helicopter wand, which causes a survivor’s aura to be detected for 8 seconds when using a first aid spray, and dark sunglasses, which causes Wesker to gain an undetectable status effect for 20 seconds when a survivor becomes critical. Injured.

There are many others dead by day Killer perks that might synergize well with Wesker’s special power and unique perks. It can include:

  • The Reformer (The Hillbilly)
  • Save the best for last (Fig.)
  • Bambozel (the clown)
  • Brine Call (The Onrio)
  • Hex: Plaything (The Cenobite)
  • Hysteria (Tyrant)
  • Dark Devotion (The Plague)

Players must consider how to use Wesker and choose perks that apply map pressure, create obstacles in jungle gyms and other heavy tiles to avoid losing the insidious link, and allow it to infiltrate unsuspecting survivors.

  • Died according to Al-Nahar database

    Died in broad daylight

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    Died in broad daylight

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