The Last of Us Part 1: What Happens to the Bill?

What happens to Bill after Joel and Ellie leave? The Last of Us Part 1 One of the biggest puzzles in the game. With the two gone, things don’t look good for Bale, but his fate is far from certain. But, is this a question being answered?

Will Bill die after the first part of The Last of Us?

The Last of Us Part 1 Will Bill die

Bell stays behind when Joel and Eli Lincoln leave, Massachusetts, in The Last of Us Part 1. It’s even worse for wear because he’s lost at least one of his safe havens, the inn, to casualties. He also spent a great deal of equipment to help Joel and Ellie on their journey. He’s also stuck alone, away from the house he uses as his main base in unfamiliar territory.

Therefore, it is not a leap of imagination to assume that Bell may not have made it. However, he never sees Joel or Ellie Bell again, and is only mentioned again in the first part of The Last of Us. Ellie introduces him to Dina in The Last of Us 2 while recounting her ordeal with Joel in Lincoln. Since she didn’t mention him further, we can assume that she never saw him again.

No other works in the universe of The Last of Us mention Bell either. Therefore, he left his fate to our imagination.

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