Kevin Harvick tore the bad parts off after the Darlington fire


Kevin Harvick is not happy with the era of the next generation.

Kevin Harvick of Stewart-Haas Racing saw his night at Darlington racetrack finish early due to a massive fire in the final stage. He faced questions about the problem, answered by tearing up the Next Generation era, calling it a disaster, and calling out NASCAR’s decision-makers.

“I’m sure it’s just the bad parts of the race car as we’ve seen them so many times,” Harvick told NBC Sports after dropping out of the race. “We haven’t fixed anything. It’s kind of like safety items. We let it go and it goes.”

The 2014 Cup Series champion continues and explained that he ran a few laps with the car on fire. It eventually stopped when the flames got bigger and started burning things inside the #4 Ford Mustang.

“What a disaster, man,” Harvick added. “No reason. We didn’t touch the wall, we didn’t touch the car, and here we are in a pit with a burning car, we can’t finish the race during qualifying because of bad **parts.”

Harvick hasn’t stopped commenting on the live broadcast. He also met members of the media by the transport contractor and said it was “cheaper not to fix” problems that persisted due to heavy strikes and fires. He said the only way to fix the problem was to “find someone who runs the show who can turn it on”.

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The fire broke out after Harvec discussed the next generation’s safety concerns

Kevin Harvick

GTKevin Harvick has remained vocal about safety concerns.

The fire broke out in Darlington just days after Harvick met reporters during the media match day. He spent a great deal of time discussing the era of the next generation, the hard hits many drivers suffered, and the lengths he took to keep himself safe.

Harvick explained on September 1, “I mean, every hit I get in the car hurts. We hear it week after week after week. The response seems slow, in my opinion, but that’s just my opinion. I think, from my past experience, I have a few things that I submitted it to which we were unable to respond from the driver’s point of view after three years.

“So the things that I think drivers might consider most important might not rank high on that priority list when not everyone out there is banging things themselves. I think when you see my religion [Hamlin] Talking about getting hit and Kurt [Busch] Outside, you hear songs week after week after week and I know everyone is talking about making some changes, but I haven’t really seen any of it.”

Harvick continued during his session and clarified that there are other issues that require attention. He also mentioned the fumes that enter the cabins of stored cars. Harvick said there were chemicals in his blood, a problem he said had persisted for several years based on the tests he had done.

Concerns and questions will continue through the playoffs

Kevin Harvick

GTKevin Harvick will continue to make strong statements about next-generation cars.

There have been discussions about the safety of next-generation cars throughout the regular season. Drivers were loudly talking about the slams, the headaches they experienced, and Curt Busch’s constant absence due to concussion-like symptoms.

Besides injuries, fires were also a problem. Joey Logano, Chris Bucher, JJ Yelly and Harvick all witnessed random fires during and after the races. These fires ended Harvick Wylie’s Southern 500 race while Buescher and Logano managed to finish the race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

These conversations will only continue through the remaining nine races of the 2022 Cup Series season. Drivers will continue to speak out loud about their concerns while also wondering if fixes are in place for the second year of the Next Generation Era.

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