10 Characters You’d Like to Have in Your Turf Wars Team in Splatoon

One of the most recognizable features of the Splatoon series, apart from its ink-based combat and colorful, post-apocalyptic world, is its characters. Splatoon’s crew consists of sea creatures that have evolved to be bipedal (plus one cat and a copy of it).

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If you’ve ever played story missions or the Octo Expansion, you’ll know that there are plenty of characters to love in Splatoon – from squids to octopuses and shrimp. But which of these cool characters would you like to join the Turf War team?

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10 turf war with minion 3

You would never have guessed that the main character from the first Splatoon game, released on Wii U, would become such a legend. But here we are. Agent 3 was originally recruited by Cap’n Cuttlefish to help rescue the mighty wasp along with Agent 1 and Agent 2 (they were later revealed to be the Squid Sisters).

However, it was revealed in Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion that Agent 3 is no longer the new squid on the block. In their fight against Agent 8, Agent 3 is shown to be able to perform several specials in a row thanks to them turning off the limiter. Having them in your Turf War team means that you can use as many special weapons as you want. Not to mention, it will be fun to team up with Splatoon’s first self-titled entry.

9 Max Output Capabilities with Crusty Sean

Crusty Sean is the former owner of Shrimp Kicks in Splatoon, the former owner of the Crust Bucket in Splatoon 2, and he travels the world in Splatoon 3. He is an entrepreneur who has engaged in all kinds of jobs. He also wears several pairs of shoes, which in the Splatoon world means he’s equipped with multiple capabilities.

With Crusty Sean’s abilities, he can support you by swimming, splashing, dribbling, and respawning faster than the average Inkling. Plus he’s also wearing a hat. This is an additional team ability!

8 Dancing with the big man

Big Man is one of the co-hosts from Deep Cut in Splatoon 3. It is a bipedal manta ray who sings, dances and announces the news. It towers above its two other hosts, Shiver and Frye, and generally looks like a cold sea creature. Now, you know that the Inklings and Octolings love to get involved in Turf Wars, but what about manta rays? Who wouldn’t want to see the big guy slide around the stages and defeat his opponents?

Plus, can you imagine how awesome it would look with a main weapon? The big guy with the kick? The big guy with the carbon spool? Big guy with splatana? You know you want to see it.

7 Get to know the battlefield with Jude the cat

Jude a cat overseeing the turf wars. He understands the rules of the game and is a fair judge in calculating the total area being distributed. Having such a strong character in your Turf War team means having a tactical advantage.

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Of course, he’s an impartial judge, so you can’t ask him to cheat for you. However, you can have him tell you about the best places to ink on stage. Plus, like Big Man, who wouldn’t want to see this cat in action? Having an Inkjet and spray ink from the top? Meow Zing!

6 Get ready with Sheldon

Sheldon is your man of arms. Or a horseshoe crab. If you need a new weapon, Ammo Knights is the place to go to grab Rollers, Chargers, and everything in between. Sheldon has had a handy presence in all of the Splatoon games, but we’ve never seen him get involved in any Turf Wars.

If he did, he would have the most powerful weapon combinations, special weapons, and sub-weapons in his arsenal. Sheldon also knows how to drive, so if you need to get to the other side of the stage, he’ll probably give you a lift.

5 Is this a bear?

Mr. Grizz is your boss when you choose to work part-time at Grizzco Industries. He is in charge of the salmon race, talking through a statue of a bear with a radio antenna coming out of it. But what is it? Is it really an animatronic or is it a real bear? Maybe not.

We don’t know for sure, but we do know he has enough money to run Grizzco Industries. With that much money, he can pay for your team’s weapons, equipment, and other needs. Plus, if he’s really a bear, he’ll be a solid member of your Inkling-Octoling team. After all, who do you think will win: a bear or a squid?

4 Sing with the squid sisters

The Squid Sisters are a pop idol group that not only sings catchy songs but are also secret agents who ensure peace is maintained in the Splatoon world. This is why having one of them is perfect for Turf War battles.

With all their talents of secret agents, they are sure to be the most tricky players on the team. We already know from Splatoon 2 that Marie is a great shot with Hero Charger and that Callie is a great ultimate boss to face. Imagine how quickly victory would be achieved if one of them was in your Turf War team!

3 screaming with pearls

Pearl is a member of Off the Hook, who once saved Princess Cannon and Killer Whale Inkopolis. Her voice is a powerful weapon and can help you during Turf Wars.

In fact, in the latest Splatoon 2 Turf War game, she entered the final Shifty stage and used her special weapon against the opponent. Imagine her doing that in regular turf wars! Not to mention, she can lift the team’s morale with her fun commentary and fun rap songs.

2 Counterattack with Marina

Marina is the other member of Off the Hook. Along with Pearl, Inkopolis News hosts and performs music during Splatoon 2’s Splatfests. Oh, and she’s also an octooling who has defected from her position as a combat engineer in the Eight Army.

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During Splatoon 2’s Splatfests, Marina created Shifty Stations, which were battlegrounds containing unique mechanics not found on normal stages. Her previous training and technical skills can help you during Turf Wars. With her amazing fighting, engineering and hacking skills, Marina can turn any losing team into a winner!

1 Another legend, client 8

The protagonist of the Octo Expansion DLC from Splatoon 2, all Agent 8 wanted was to get to the surface and experience the life that Inkopolis had to offer. By completing the DLC, their wish is fulfilled, and they gain access to the world of the Inklings.

However, like how Agent 3 became a popular character in the Splatoon lore, Agent 8 is probably another legend that you might want in your Turf War team. Their time in Metro Deepsea has taught them a lot of skills, and once they have all their memories back, training as a member of the Octarian army will make them a worthy ally.

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