Chantel reveals her condition after the fourth season of Family Chantel

Chantelle Everett, her own star 90 days fiancé Accidental, revealed what happened to her after Chantelle family The fourth season that documented her path to divorce with Pedro Gimino has ended. Chantel and Pedro are still legally married, but fans heard the news of his filing for divorce from his six-year-old wife on May 27. Restrictive orders were issued at the time of submission. Chantel also accused Pedro of adultery and cruel treatment while asserting that there was no chance of committing the crime 90 days fiancé The couple is back together. Meanwhile, fans were reading rumors that rapper Drake might be interested in dating the nurse.

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Chantelle family Season 4 created trouble in Heaven for Chantel and Pedro, but no one seemed to anticipate all the drama they would see in the upcoming episodes. During the August 22 episode, fans saw Chantel and Pedro agree to separate while choosing to stay under the same room, and soon filed for divorce. Fans believed that Pedro was showing disinterest in Chantelle, refusing to communicate with her because of his alleged relationship with a co-worker. When Pedro moved from their home to a new apartment, Chantel was accused of withdrawing $256,000 from their joint bank account. When he faced Pedro Chantelle during Chantel . family At the end of season four, she called the police on him.

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After the shocking season finally comes to an end, Chantelle She decided to talk to her fans in an impromptu question-and-answer session. Chantel addressed more than 957,000 followers on her Instagram Stories, which the Atlanta woman has since deleted. One fan asked Chantel,How are you really?In her reply, 90 days fiancé Celebrity Chantel added a video of her with a still expression on her face while doing her makeup. Chantel joked that this was her”moodThroughout the season. However, I have assured 90 days fiancé the scenes it’do better” Currently.

Meanwhile, a different fan declared their love for Chantelle and wished her all the best in her life. This time, Chantel posted a pretty picture in a new Instagram Story of herself laughing happily. “Thanks,She replied with a heart-shaped emoji. Chantel told them that “as always“Hope viewers learn”Watching us make mistakes.Chantel wants her fans to overcome the obstacles they face like her andlive the life. Perhaps it was an allusion to the dating rumors between Chantel and Drake that took over 90 days fiancé A franchise like wildfire, one of her followers asked her if she was looking forward to it”A new beginning. Chantel’s response was excited,Yes, of course!Along with a picture of her in a chic pose, looking cheerful in a blue outfit.

Inclusive, 90 days fiancé Fans are ruthless to Pedro, and his reputation has been damaged by his sudden personality change and coldness towards Chantel on. Chantelle family. Fans even leave negative comments on Pedro’s professional page, while on the other hand, Chantel receives nothing but love. 90 days fiancé Fans want Pedro to never appear again Chantelle family They envision a brilliant career in reality TV opposite Chantel as she thrives without her toxic marriage in the future.

source: Chantelle Everett/ Instagram

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