Aquaman Cosplay proves that he deserves to be a member of the Justice League

Aquaman may have some lingering fans who think he’s a joke character, but one cosplay proves Arthur Curry is Thor of the Justice League.

A stunning costume that makes a very convincing argument Aquaman must be considered ox subordinate Justice Squad. Cosplay Jennings Brewer brings out the look of the Atlantic hybrid in a show that proves Arthur Curry is no joke at all.

The past few years have seen an improvement in Aquaman’s profile, likely thanks to his self-titled box office success, as well as Jason Mamoa’s portrayal of the hero. However, much of Arthur’s history has been spent trying to combat the negative stereotype that he is a “lamer” character. Much of Curry’s bad reputation comes from super friends Cartoons from the 70s that have been ridiculed by later generations. Despite his epic adventures in the comics, Aquaman has been the source of many jokes for years due to his perceived lackluster ability to ‘talk’ to the hunt.

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And while Aquaman’s public image has improved, there are still a few fans willing to write off the hero as the worst character in the Justice League. But no fan will hear any slander towards the King of Atlantis and his stunning image may shut down Aquaman haters forever. Cosplayer Jennings Brewer took to the beaches in his Justice League Aquaman, wielding a trident, ready to show the world his super costume. on me InstagramBrower posted a photo (taken by photographer Benjamin Farren) that presented Brower’s cosplay in the most appropriate way possible. Raising his trident into the sky, a wave crashes onto the rocks on which Aquaman is standing, sending drops of water feet above the player’s head in disguise. Brower stands as stoic as Aquaman on an epic splash page in a costume reminiscent of DCEU’s style in Arthur’s classic orange and green costume.

Users praised the photo, with comments praising Farren’s portrayal as well as the Aquaman cosplay that Brower perfectly highlights. Apart from fetching a file page Aquaman Comic of life, the picture shows how regal and powerful Arthur really is. As much as some comic book fans might like to joke about the character, this cosplay gets something about Aquaman that has been lost on some fans: that the hero is basically Thor’s equivalent at sea. Fans of both Aquaman and Thor may have noticed some similarities between the two heroes. Both are strong race leaders. Both are warriors and have a strong fighting spirit. And just as Aquaman rules the water, Thor can control the lightning. However, Aquaman has struggled for decades over the ownership of a single cartoon and a joke that refused to die. But fortunately, fans like Jennings Brewer and Benjamin Farren can create images that subtly capture the spirit of a hero like Aquaman and give him the respect he deserves.

Their efforts show that Arthur is far from a person who only talks about hunting. Likes oxAnd the Aquaman He is a noble but frightening character who gives Justice Squad A touch of royalty and power.

source: Jennings Brewer

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