Samara Weaving, Eric Dane and Ray Nicholson Join Thrilling Comedy

A new comedy-thriller will be hitting our screens soon, and the cast is already packed. Next Border line She has found her main team, like Samara TextileAnd the Eric DaneAnd the Ray Nicholson set to star in the feature, and Alba Baptista And the jimmy failed Tour outside the cast. Details about their characters are currently being kept.

This comedy thriller will follow a sociopath who escapes from a mental institution and is described as a helpless romantic. Once he escapes, he heads to the home of a 90s pop star (Weaving) and invades it, whose new goal is now to survive. Meanwhile, the unknown sociopath is only looking for love.

While not much is known about the plot, Border lineThe casting already promises an exciting movie to look forward to. Weaving has spent two particularly busy years starring in projects ranging from comedies to thrillers. Horror fans may recognize weaving from Starring ready or not and Netflix’s Babysitter: The Killer Queen. Recently, she starred in the series Nine perfect strangers and rom-com server, both from Hulu. The fabric is going through a stack year or so, with notable upcoming projects like Babylon And the shout 6.

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Dane is perhaps best known for his run of Dr. McSteamy (also known as Mark Sloan) in the long run. instinct anatomy. After leaving the series, he started the lead role last ship and recently trance. His upcoming projects include National anthem And the dangerous water. Nicholson has also appeared in some of his own thriller films, including Prime Video panic. He also starred in it Licorice pizza It can then be seen in Something from Tiffany.

Border line It is written by Jimmy Warden Who will come out first with this feature. The feature comes from LuckyChap Entertainment and Productivity Media. LuckyChap’s Tom Ackerley And the Josie McNamara Produce the show along with the co-producer Bronte Pine. Dennis Lauren Co-produced, and Red A Entertainment’s Hadeel Reda And the Brian Duffield Also work as producers. Executive producers include Colin CampProductivity Media Inc William J. SantorAnd the Andrew Chang SangAnd the John HillsBright Light Pictures Shawn Williamson And the Jameson ParkerAnd the Mimi Steinbauer For International Radioactive Films.

Around Border line Pouring it out, Steinbauer said:

From ‘I, Tonya’ to ‘Promising Young Woman,’ our friends at LuckyChap have produced some of the most critically acclaimed and most commercially successful women-led films in the past five years, so we are honored that they have chosen us to represent this special new venture. Samara, Dane and Ray are the perfect cast to lead Jimmy’s wit and edge comedy through all of its ups and downs.”

Border line It does not have a launch window yet, although production is currently in progress. Check out Collider’s interview with Weaving about Nine perfect strangers less:

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