5 Most Influential Netflix Shows of All Time

With Netflix over 25 years in business, it’s hard to remember the time before. In its early days as a movie rental service, and ultimately into the streaming power we know today, Netflix changed the game in the way we watch TV, for better and for worse, and it’s impossible to imagine a world without it.

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It wasn’t until 2013 that Netflix started making waves with producing its own TV shows. No need to worry about censorship, advertisements or breaks, TV has changed where episodes have been played as long as they need a more insatiable format. Suddenly, television became an event. And while some shows have come and gone – or even gone without a sound – some have stood the test of time as influencers in their own right.

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House of Cards (2013-2018)

The Netflix premiere was among the most important in its entire history. Much depended on her success, as her failure could have immediately diluted Netflix’s chances of making other shows. Thank God, because of the steady hand Bo Willemon And the David FincherAnd the house of paperThe first season was a huge success and critically acclaimed, especially for its addictive storylines, complex characters, and high production values.

And while the show ultimately ended rather poorly — although mostly due to circumstances beyond their control — the show will serve to set a model for upcoming shows. From its impressive format and production values ​​to its lengthy episode lengths, all the hallmarks of a Netflix show come from House of Cards.

Daredevil (2015-2018)

Live superhero shows are a dime a dozen nowadays, and while there has already been some success with Arrow on the CW and Shield Agents On ABC, it was reckless that showed what they could be. While Daredevil, and likewise many of the connected shows that grew out of it, were sometimes hampered by budget constraints, it was a strong storytelling and holistic direction that demonstrated what can be done with these shows.

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Nowadays, most superhero shows borrow a lot of their structures from Daredevil, to the point where it seems Daredevil could be considered ground zero in the golden age of superhero television. And while we have to wait and see if Disney+ comes back, Daredevil: Born AgainLiving up to the hype, the original series stands on its own as an influential series in its own right.

“Sense8” (2015-2018)

Watchskissalong with Michael Straczynskisignificantly with feeling 8, the ambitious story of eight strangers around the world who find themselves emotionally and mentally connected. Through this clever, high-concept premise, the trio explores ideas about identity, gender, gender, politics, sociology, psychology, and just about anything else that comes to mind. Then Netflix canceled it.

Netflix has been known to be inconsistent about which shows get more seasons, and unfortunately, feeling 8 It was the real beginning of this trend: despite its strong following and popularity, it was canceled. feeling 8 He was able to come back with a final two-and-a-half hour series that gave a fitting close, but it was the start of a troubling trend for the platform, cementing an image that it hasn’t yet conquered.

Stranger Things (2016–present)

While other Netflix shows are popular, Weird things She is a complete cultural force. When it premiered in 2016, it was the talk of the town, and in each subsequent season it increased its level of popularity and popularity, with the last season seeing the biggest debut of any Netflix series to date.

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Stranger Things is an example of a cultural phenomenon that we rarely see on TV. When he comes out, the audience sits back and immerses himself from start to finish. Everything anyone’s been talking about for a month, maybe more, and most loyal fans are discussing until next season. And though it wrapped sooner, the cultural presence of Stranger Things ensured that spin-offs, sequels, and prequels were inevitable.

Arcane (2021 – present)

mysterious It just might not be the hottest cartoon on Netflix; It may be one of the most important shows in animation history, even if it’s too soon to tell about its rippling effects. set in league of legends The universe and exploration of the pasts of characters like Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn and other fan-favorites that’s a rarity in TV – an hour-long CGI-animated adult drama. It is a unique entry in an industry known for referring adult animation to comedy shows such as A man who loves family life.

and while Invincible Paving the way for traditional animation, Arcane’s brilliant animation and incredible understanding of storytelling was a hit with audiences and critics. Her recent Emmy win is proof of that. Its impact won’t be felt in the short term, but Arcane is already taking off and will likely remain a pillar of animated storytelling for years to come.

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