Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 2 Summary: Dojo’s Deception

At the beginning Cobra Kai Season 5 – Episode 2, “Molly.” It’s Okinawa in 1972, and a group of men undergo pain conditioning in martial arts. A young boy, Kozen, is distinguished by sensei for his inexperience, cheating, and lack of commitment in front of others. Faced with a shy face, Kosin continues the process, now more difficult, the cold, open ends.

Back to Cobra Kai and Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) gives another one of his positive reinforcement lectures. He talks about Chris falling victim to his own demons before quickly adding it Not Cobra Kai. But they are. He discusses how their tournament is a stepping stone to new heights and how he brought the best of meaning into the valley. Cuisine (Yuji Okumoto) with the others. Is this treason? Will Cousin be the Trojan Cobra Kai, or swayed by Silver’s manipulative nature? Terry brought them to a job interview. He asks his recruits to applaud the hero as Tori (Peyton’s List) Enters. Cousin watches a frown on his face. A recruit asked Tori when she plans to bring the trophy, but she didn’t tell him that day. The senses converge with the class and choose Chozen Tory, asking if she is a heroine. When she responds that she is, he tells her that he will not tolerate her.

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Johnny (William Zabka(Buy him and Ruby some burritos)Tanner Buchanan), which maps the GPS route, and it turns out that there are only a few miles left. A Mexican man approached them, and there was a lot of misunderstanding created by the language barrier regarding Eagle Fang Mobile between them. Johnny and Ruby bicker, unaware that The Eagle Fang Mobile is being robbed. Meanwhile, Miguel (Xolo Maridueña(wakes up at Hector)Luis Roberto GuzmanHappy and refreshed. Hector prepares a special breakfast for the family and requests a demonstration from Miguel, asking him where he learned to move so quickly. Miguel states that he is proficient in martial arts and has been training for some time, although he is also upset that Hector has never heard of his high-level club/competitions. Miguel is about to reveal information about himself when they are interrupted by Hector’s wife and son. Hector says the child is a handful and this leads Miguel to wonder if he has more children. Hector laughs and says that the boy is not his son, he is from a previous marriage to his wife. This led to him admitting to Miguel that he had never had children. He told him that he was about to get married, but she left. Hector suggests that they spend the day together as a thank you for saving Miguel his son from certain death. Miguel is overjoyed.

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Tori trains with Kosen visibly unaffected. He’s asking for more from All Valley Champion, and he thinks it’s a lot better than this. She is clearly troubled. Now that she’s the champ, Chozen goads tells her she probably doesn’t want to train so hard. Tori tells him in no uncertain terms that she is not fighting for prizes; You train to be strong. Cousin is impressed that she fights for the right reasons. She asks why he is Sensei and Cousin replied with honor because only you can take honor from yourself. Terry slipped and interrupted him, asking Shozen his name (didn’t they fill out an application form?) and he replied with the alias “Sensei Joe.” Kozen’s philosophy of training mind first and body later has caught the attention of Silver, who inquires about Chosen’s past.

Robbie and Johnny walk the streets of Mexico, without wheels and in need of cash. To make a quick buck, Robbie enters a chili eating contest. Meanwhile, Miguel walks back and forth in his bedroom and reluctantly calls his mother (Vanessa Rubio). She is thrilled that Miguel is alive and safe, but calls her a liar, horrified that his pop music is unaware of his existence. Carmen tells Miguel that he does not know how dangerous Hector is, and she had to flee to America. Miguel angrily barely listens, insisting that his father is nothing like the way Carmen described him. Hector is a smart businessman and demands respect wherever he goes. Miguel has lost a lot, and he thinks it’s all Carmen’s fault. Meanwhile, Robbie wins a chili eating contest and asks them to bring out the best chili in the house. Ruby eats it and does not look at the glass of milk in front of him. His opponent eats the same chili which results in Robbie and Johnny having their faces full of milk and half-digested chili.

Terry Silver invites “Sensei Joe” to his house for drinks and dinner. Tory needs to talk to Silver, however, and demand payment from him to judge the All Valley Tournament. Tori threatens if she has shared this with anyone else. She replied, “Not yet.” He did it for Cobra Kai, reassured her, and she still won the fight and is the champion. The whole valley knows this. He manipulates her further by bringing up her relationship with Chris (Martin Cove), and adds that he understands that she has had a difficult life, and has always had to work her way up to the top. Tori seems conflicted about it all, and is clearly still uncomfortable with his sweet talk and promises that she’ll be the face of a dojo, but she remains silent – for now.

Finally, Johnny and Robbie get new wheels, and Robbie drinks milk. Johnny asks if he is ok, wondering how he ate his last chili. Robbie admits that he cheated and gave Johnny the chili, which he hid in his pocket. Johnny thinks this is the most badass thing he’s ever seen. Carmen calls them to tell them what she has heard from Miguel, who is with his father – but Miguel does not understand that he may be in grave danger. He doesn’t know what kind of guy Hector is. Meanwhile, Hector takes Miguel to the fight club known as El-Hayo Verde. Hector is gentle, orders drinks with the touch of his finger and introduces the impressionable Miguel to the MMA fighters. Miguel is impressed, but boy is he disappointed? Hector made a lot of money in the day, but not from the fight/mma. This is the kind of money you get to get friends (and enemies) in high places. Order tequila and toast to banish the past.

Daniel (Ralph MacchioShouzin helps try on a suit to dinner with Terry Silver. “Sensei Joe” has already made contact with the ghoul businessman and Daniel is astonished that they effortlessly removed the fleece above Silver’s eyes. They plan to dig deeper, finding out what Silver’s plan is before they pounce. All this makes Daniel very nervous, and he has warned Cousin that everything Silver does is dishonorable. Now Cousin shares the events from his pre-credit teaser about how his uncle tried to instill honor in him, and how he did not listen, looking for short cuts and easy ways; This is criss-crossed with scenes of Tori, who is miserable, staring at her glass. Cousin is determined to push Silver to its limits and reveal its true colors. Daniel repeats that Silver already has an end game of his own. He’ll drink you up, eat dinner, and look for a weak spot to exploit.

Sensei Joe and Silver dine with fine whiskey and Asian delicacies, as Silver asks him why he’s in the valley. Kozen tells an anecdote about his desire to retire until he saw that Cobra Kai wanted to recruit Sensei. They discuss legacy and their training, and deal with flashbacks of Daniel’s victory over Chuzen in Karate kid part 2. Maybe Chozen wasn’t entirely in the corner of LaRusso? Silver mentions a rival to Cobra Kai after Chozen reveals his father and his cowardice, and how he killed his father and nearly destroyed him. Silver’s rival is LaRusso, and he suddenly wants to show Chozen something: his weapon room, holding some of the best swords in the world. He unearthed a code of historical significance, revealing that his ultimate ambition is to go global with Cobra Kai and spread his influence around the world. The two toasted his plan for world domination.

Robbie and Johnny arrive at the club where Miguel enjoys tequila shots with Hector. The guard tells Hector that the club has unwanted intruders. Hector demands to know who Miguel spoke on the phone earlier in the day, but Miguel made it clear that he was checking on his mother. Hector grows angry, and asks if Miguel is following him and if he’s with the feds. He takes Miguel’s phone and starts scrolling through his photos. Johnny and Ruby come and are picked up by Hector; They both wear matching FBI shirts. Hector pulls Miguel away while a group of thugs moves on Johnny and Ruby from all sides. They confront Johnny and a fight erupts. Johnny loses to a younger, more skilled MMA fighter until he cheats and plays dirty – with chili.

Hector and Miguel arrived at an empty store and went inside. Hector tells Miguel that he needs to stay low for a while, maybe he thinks Johnny and Robbie were real from the FBI. He tells a tale – similar to that of Icarus – about burning your wings from getting too close to the light, but uses them to discuss his relationship with women. Telling Miguel that it was a mistake, he almost married his mother, and has no regrets about the life he chose. Distraught, Miguel says he needs to go, call his mother crying, and apologize to her. Johnny is shown cuddling, although Miguel notices Robbie watching from the car.

Tori brought the trophy to the club and accepted the Terry Silver deal, but after she left, Shouzin arrived. Terry recalls Sense who applied to work on Cobra Kai, after finding out over dinner that Chosen was an imposter. Chozen inadvertently revealed himself by making traditional Okinawan toast, and Silver offers a high price for the benefactor who can take out Chozen. Kozen fights all of them, winning the battle easily. Cousin issues a warning to Silver – if he doesn’t leave the LaRusso family alone, he’ll beg for mercy! Cuisine with Miyagi-do, after all.

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