How to unlock the grand quest of Tataru

Tataru has a story-driven mission at the end Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, Which Collect all of the brigade generals from the war, including coalition leaders Sicard, Pepin Tropin, AA Ron Cena, and Emanlin de Fortemps. It also relates to the ancient plot rhythms of towards the skygiving a glimpse into future knowledge.

while this Final Fantasy XIV There is no big task line bonus currently, it will probably lead to one in patch 6.5. This could potentially be a cosmetic item, accessory, or other non-combat related merchandise. By completing the early parts now, players won’t need to rush in the future.

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As part of the component is a level 60 battle, players can get additional rewards by doing so before reaching Final Fantasy XIV The maximum level is 90. This may be impossible for those who have already settled every combat mission. However, it can even include limited and newly unlocked classes like the Blue Mage – who can get certain spells from raids.

Grand Endeavor missions in Final Fantasy XIV

After getting level 90 in any combat mission and completing all Final Fantasy XIV EndwalkerThe main story, Tataru will have a new mission. It can be found first in rising stones (Q: 6, p: 5.9) It will give players a wayfarer uniform. Once obtained, players can go to Old Sharlayan and talk to Tataru’s new assistant, Mehdjina (x: 11.8, y: 9.8). It will have two tasks in a row: Small company, big dreams, And the high profits.

Small company, big dreams

For the first mission, our hybrid will want players to talk to the former Final Fantasy XIV Allied generals who brought back Garlimald. First, go to Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks and talk to histoab (Q: 5, p: 15), who will summon Sicard. After getting his confirmation, go to New Gridania and talk to him Miounne’s mother (Q: 11.7, p: 13.5). She doesn’t know A-Ruhn-Senna’s exact location but thinks he’s on a mission. Try to leave through the main gates, Padjal will arrive and agree to help. After that, go to Ul’dah and talk to Guide (x: 10.7, y: 11.2), and a cut scene will be triggered with Pipin, like a lot of the others. Once all three are confirmed, head back to Muhajina to finish the mission.

high profits

For the second part, Muhjena will suggest going to Emanlin. To do this, players must complete a full stuffed shadow Series of 24 men’s raids at any time in the past. This includes Final Fantasy XIV Raids of the Void Ship, Weeping City of Mahach, and Dunsketh. These are all level 60 and will result in both EXP and Thomstones if synced to that original level. They must also hand over the final story mission related to the raid, farewell redbell.

After doing that, one can talk to Laniate In the sea of ​​clouds (Q: 17, p: 37.3). This will reintroduce Leofard from previous raids. It will give players a basic dealer disguise – if he loses, talk to Stacia in Idyllshire at any time to reapply it. They will have 30 minutes to three specific lodgings around Edelshire. Next, take Leofard to the marked location to run a scene. At its end, the painter will offer Duremert, who will now offer his services to paint various portraits for 20,000 GEL each. Finally, players can purchase housing items depicting some key items Final Fantasy XIV Heroes, including Y’shtola, Thancred, and Urianger.

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