Stephen Curry appears to stop ‘misunderstanding’ Kevin Durant after trade rumors


Stephen Curry #30 and Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors sit on the bench in the first half against the Washington Wizards

Steve Curry recently sat down in a series of interviews with Matt Sullivan From Rolling Stone for this month’s cover story. He met with Sullivan for five sit-down interviews and gave the writer insider access to his life from conversations with Snoop Dogg and Curry’s brother and Brooklyn Nets player, Seth Curry. The feature covers a series of wide-ranging conversations about sports activity and philanthropy, mental health and public policy, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, a few hoops and much more, according to Sullivan.

Sullivan, is the writer who wrote an impressive behind-the-scenes book about the historic 2019-20 NBA season with the Brooklyn Nets titled I Can’t hustleInside the Season of Protest, Pandemic, and Progress with the Stars of Tomorrow on the Brooklyn Nets”, and we’ve shared very impressive network reporting including on Keri Irving forcing the Networks to fire Kenny Atkinson, and the Nets office scaring Irving and Kevin Durant.

In Carrey’s feature with Sullivan, he talked more about the Brooklyn Nets star, including confirmation Which Golden State Warriors actually did, he considered trading for Durant after his June 30 trade order.

Steve Curry talks about Kevin Durant being ‘misunderstood’

After checking it He was interested In collaborating with Kevin Durant again if the Warriors could put together a commercial package for KD, he also talked about his feelings for Durant as a person.

“I never hesitated. The idea of ​​playing with KD and knowing who he is as a person, from our history in those three years, I think KD is a really good guy. I think he misunderstood him. I think certain things happened in his life that harmed his ability to trust the people around him, in the sense of making him He feels safe at all times. So all these things, I understand, after I played with him and got to know him. I the love That man ” Kari said.

When he spoke about the possibility of collaborating with Durant again, he indicated that the decision would be all about winning and that the team would enjoy playing together. He also noted that it would mean trading a key player from the Warriors 2022 NBA Title.

“So all of those things were true. And it all started with my wanting to play KD in the beginning. Yes, it’s about winning, it’s about having fun and playing a game Basketball. And that was part of a reaction, like, ‘Yeah, it would be amazing“.What does that actually mean?”

Kevin Durant cancels trade order

While the Warriors were interested in trading for Durant, the Nets maintained a historically high asking price that made it nearly impossible for another team to get a bid that could get a 12-Time All-Star. The asking price has been reported by some as a “largely fake” negotiation for Durant. Those rumors appear to be backed up by recent comments from Phoenix Suns general manager James Jones, who said there was nothing in their negotiations for Durant.

“We had discussions with Brooklyn about their wishes and what they were trying to do, but in the end, I would say like most teams, there was nothing to that,” Jones said.

After weeks of discussions, no deal was reached, and Durant canceled his trade order and an ultimatum in a commitment to restart him in Brooklyn next season.


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