The ‘latent’ heat in trade talks for $73 million from Utah Jazz forward Bojan Bogdanovic


Miami Heat President Pat Riley addresses the media during Jimmy Butler’s introductory press conference at American Airlines Arena

Utah Jazz is in sell mode, not just any kind of sale. It’s like selling everything a must. They engaged Rudy Gobert right after the NBA draft in a deal that set the tone for the trade talks this season after Utah had five first-round picks and four players in exchange for Gobert. The deal was initially reported due to the growing animosity between Joubert and Donovan Mitchell with the idea that Mitchell would remain on the Jazz List. However, trade rumors soon followed, and Jazz Mitchell arrived at the Cleveland Cavaliers last week.

After trading the two All-Stars, Jazz isn’t over, and reports of them looking for business partners for Jordan Clarkson, Bojan Bogdanovich, Malik Beasley, and Mike Conley. Utah mentioned Hoping to add to their pool of first-round picks and he’ll order one in any Clarkson, Bogdanovic or Paisley exchange.

One team that has been linked with some Utah Jazz players is the Miami Heat. her heat It was mentioned in the rumours Jazz striker Bojan Bogdanovic, and jazz writer Tony Jones of The Athletic, report that the Heat are, in fact, lurking in potential deals with jazz.

Miami Heat ‘latent’ in jazz trade talks

Jones, in an appearance on “The Drive with Spence Checketts podcastWe shared that Miami has been lurking in discussions with Utah, but that Duncan Robinson may be a stopping point for any Utah business discussions.

“Miami was lurking,” Jones said. “But in order to do the trade with Miami, maybe the Jazz have to get Duncan Robinson back, and that’s just a really, really bad contract, really, because there’s three years left on it, four years left on it, actually. So this is just a really tough contract to get the Jazz back.”

All Jazz seems to be doing is throwing away salary or accepting expired contracts making Robinson, the Heat’s favorite business asset, nearly impossible to get in jazz deals. The Heat can still include players like Max Struss or Omer Yurtseven in deals, but they’ve been known to look to develop them.

Which jazz players lurk in the heat yet?

Jones did not notice which jazz players would look for the Heat in any commercial discussions. Most likely is Bogdanovic as a potential replacement for PJ Tucker and adding a top scorer to the Heat lineup.

Jordan Clarkson could be a bench spark plug that Heat could chase into the trade, too. The team has been linked with a few spare ball tackles this off season, whether it was John Wall before he landed in Los Angeles, Dennis Schroeder, Dejaunt Murray a key player but another name. Perhaps they will continue to look for another dynamic scorer and ball handler and Clarkson could be a good choice to create an immediate attack on the Heat’s second unit.

Ex-Bogdanovic for South Beach rumors

in previous suggestion Shared by Bleacher Report, The Heat will acquire Bojan Bogdanovic for Robinson, Yurtseven, and a draft pick.

Miami Heat Reception: BF Bojan Bogdanovic

Receiving Utah Jazz: SF Duncan Robinson, C. Omar Yurtseven, 2028 in the second round

With Utah reluctant to trade for Robinson and his multi-year contract, will the deal go through?


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