The MCU gets creepy for a spooky season

It has been rumored for some time on the internet that the MCU is diving into the supernatural side of Marvel with a character werewolf at night. It was confirmed this weekend at D23 Expo when Kevin Feige revealed a trailer for the first MCU TV special during a spooky season on Friday, October 7.

Another example of the MCU diving into both horror and superhero elements was this year Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. Plus they also featured Blade in the post-credits scene eternity. In addition, Blade will also have a solo movie in November 2023. It will be the first full-fledged foray into horror themes. werewolf at nightwhich will present cults, werewolves, and all kinds of scary images.

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The entire aesthetic has a very retro vibe that draws inspiration from the classic horror characters featured in both the Universal and Hammer monster movies. There’s also quite a bit of dark humor featured in the trailer as well. It certainly doesn’t seem like anything else is in the MCU yet, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s also unclear how this relates to the shared universe in general, but all fans know the MCU always has a plan. Let’s take a deep look at the first trailer for Marvels’ first original TV special, werewolf at night.

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The trailer opens into a cemetery, creating a dark and gloomy tone. Next, a retro-looking title card pops up on the screen, and then after a few quick flashes of spooky imagery, a female voiceover kicks in. She explains to her strange and also frightening guests that they have come together to search for some kind of great evil. The interesting thing is that this “evil” is disguised and hidden among them.

Most fans will notice that once you say that phrase, it’s clear that it’s that character in the foreground where the camera is still in that quick shot. That character is Jack Russell.Gael Garcia Bernal), which will be the title character. He then moves on to the character Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), which has also been shown in the introduction, so it will likely play a major role. These are usually associated with horror-type characters in the comics, so it makes sense that they would be introduced with them werewolf at night. It looks like she’s another one of the hunters out there to hunt the werewolf, but she will most likely have teamed up with him by the time all is said and done.

It was also revealed by the scary hostess that they found out who the impostor was, but it was clear that they had never seen a werewolf before. Then in the next shot, she’s making fun of him after he’s been captured. She made the mistake that she might not live long enough to regret when you pulled her by the neck to get a bite. Then a series of images flash across the screen as you see the werewolf trapped and tortured while various other unexplained things also happen. So it definitely looks like Jack Russell is going to have one hell of a time getting out of there alive.

This will certainly explore the supernatural aspects of the Marvel universe, but not a single project in the MCU has been completely devoid of action scenes. There are some spooky mixed shots too, including an arm that was cut off by Elsa’s bloodstone and a wolf attacking people in the shadows.

One of the coolest and most interesting shots comes during that sequence, where a werewolf is caught sneaking a peek. The design definitely reminds us Lon Channy JrClassic design in 1941, wolf man, Which is very promising because many modern werewolf designs go over the top or reinvest the concept altogether. It’s refreshing in a day and age where most of the big franchises rely heavily on CGI to bring monsters to life on screen.

There’s also a snapshot of the Man-Beast character appearing, which hasn’t been mentioned before in the rumors. I’m not sure how it all unites, but a good guess could be that it’s probably the actual evil they’re looking for, not a night werewolf.

After some quick shots of utter chaos, the title card reappears. Then the mark for the end is a really spooky shot of Elsa inside what looks like a cage as the camera slowly moves closer and closer. Then when thunder flashes you can see that it is being chased by some kind of monster. Is it a werewolf, or could it be something else, more sinister? Since you can only see a silhouette on the wall, it’s not entirely obvious, but it builds up quite a bit of tension pretty quickly before the trailer winds up and fades like old movie reels back in the day.

There is a lot of potential for crossovers from other supernatural characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ll find out soon, since there’s only a little less than a month left werewolf at night Streaming begins on Disney+. It won’t be long before MCU fans see the truth of it werewolf by knight all about.

Watch the full trailer here:

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