Fans of 90 Days Fiancee Wondering About Tania Maduro’s First Date

Fans of 90 Days Fiancée are wondering about Tania Maduro’s choice of outfits for her first date with her new lover in Aruba, as some felt he was looking for attention.

90 days fiancé Fans are wondering about Tania Maduro’s choice of outfit on her date that was broadcast for the premiere of 90 days: single life third season. Tania debuted with her ex-husband Syngin Colchester on 90 days fiancé Season 7, when Sengin moved from South Africa to Connecticut to marry her. The two met when Tania was vacationing in South Africa and Sengin was the waiter. The couple faced several struggles during their 90 days, but eventually got married. Tania and Sengen come back later for 90 Days Fiancé: Happy Forever Season 5, where they begin to realize how different they really are. When he appeared on Syngin individual life In the second season, he and Tanya officially divorced and Sengin moved on.

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Now it’s Tania’s turn to get a second chance at love individual life third season. Tanya revealed during the premiere that she had recently moved to Aruba, to spend some time there to clear her mind and heal. Tanya even met an Arubi bartender, Joel, with whom she was interested. The two match up with him on a dating app, and in Episode 1, Joel and Tanya go on a date to explore the island in a jeep. The two had a good conversation until Tanya mentioned that she and her husband Sengin were still married on paper, which Joel doesn’t take very well.

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While fans weren’t quite surprised to see Joel react badly to her 90 days fiancé The star Tania did not separate, they were surprised by the outfit she chose for the date. Tanya wore a deep cut bikini, with denim shorts and a button-down shirt that she left open. Reddit user Episode 88 He published a picture of Tania and Joel from their history with a comment on it “Jesus Tanya, what kind of impression are you trying to make on your first date, besides he was driving on a bumpy road.”

Many fans commented that they felt Tanya chose the outfit on purpose to attract physical attention from Joel. However, they agreed that it might be a bit too revealing for her to first date him. Others acknowledged that this was the first time in years that Tanya had gone out with a guy who wasn’t a Cengin, so she probably wasn’t aware that this option might not have been the best for a first date. But there were other fans in the comments who praised Tanya, saying that she looked great on the date.

Tania was not always my favourite 90 days fiancé fans, as some found her controlling and annoying in the past. These fans also didn’t hesitate to call out Tanya in the comments for going out with a guy while she was still legally married to Syngin. This is not the first time we have noticed this, since Natalie Mordovtseva was in the same position in the last season of individual life. However, fans still hope that Tanya will be able to find her true soulmate this time.

source: Episode 88/ reddit

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