The New York Knicks Center seems broken to skeptics


New York Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson reacted after being called up to score goals in the first quarter against the Dallas Mavericks.

Despite the fact that they failed to win the Donovan Mitchell public lottery contest, It was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers on September 1The New York Knicks have been a very productive team this season.

No, they couldn’t lure into the permanent All-Star game or execute any blockbuster deals, but Leon Rose and his cohorts remained active throughout the summer of 2022 and, in the process, made some key moves to position the Knicks in a possible playoff push during this upcoming campaign.

The team’s decision was one of the most notable transactions to acquire the franchise in this off-season To re-sign the 24-year-old’s big man, Mitchell Robinson to a four-year, $60 million contract.

He proves to be a dangerous presence at the hub throughout his four-year tenure in the association, when on the ground Robinson is a true difference-maker on both ends.

One of the league’s fiercest edge guards, the center finds itself averaging 4.1 blocks per 100 possessions in his career while boasting an average of 8.4 points per game and 7.5 rebounds on a stunning shooting section of 72.2% of the field.

At this point in time, arguably the only thing that sets Robinson apart from the conversation of describing him as one of the top elites in the game today is his lack of shooting abilities.

In the modern NBA, deck spacing is everything, and while the big guys like Nikola Jokic, Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid have all proven capable of knocking down long-range jumpers in a 37% north shooting segment during their careers, the youngster didn’t try Knicks so far use three pointers.

However, in a recently posted video, Robinson appears to be working on a two-stroke heading into year four, showing a tight shape when lifted from the free-throw line, dropping five straight shots before ending the video by saying “Take that for the data” to the camera.

In the comments section, Robinson left a message for fans and followers alikenoting that he’s working on many different aspects of his game during the sabbatical, but it doesn’t “show what I have [full workout.]”

Although this might just be a clip of him shooting undisputed jumpers, Considering that only 28 of the 343 attempted shootings came from outside the restricted area last seasonSeeing the big guy working on his shot form should be a welcome sight for Knicks fans.

Mitchell broke the Knicks “curse”

With New York deciding to re-sign Mitchell Robinson this season, the franchise has meanwhile broken a long-running streak in the process.

Until the big man put pen to paper on his new four-year deal on July 1, former guard Charlie Ward, who was picked 26th in the 1994 NBA Draft, was the last player drafted by the Knicks to sign a second contract from their junior deal, when he signed A $28 million contract in 1999.

In the 28 years since the 1994 draft, the franchise has acquired nearly 40 players who will qualify for a second contract. Thanks to this offseason, Robinson, With his contract extension agreed on August 29RJ Barrett has now joined Ward as the only rookie Nicks players to be signed again during this time period.

Tobin is working on his game

Mitchell Robinson wasn’t the only Knicks youngster hanging out at the gym this summer, with a recently posted video showing third-year striker Obi Tobin completely dominating both ends of the field in a full-blown melee.

Posted to Instagram by NBA Skills Coach, Chris Brickley on Sept 8the former lottery pick was seen throwing resounding assault rifles at the attack and firing heavy shots at defense.

In Brickley’s comment, he yelled at the youthful power forward, citing his efficiency in 2021-22 despite limited measures, and gave Knicks fans some hope of what could happen in 2022-23.


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