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This article contains spoilers for Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie!

After a long wait in anticipation, the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie It fell on Netflix in all its amazing animated glory. The movie quickly became one of the top five media for kids to watch in a matter of days. With a mixture of intense excitement and intense emotion, this was everything fans could hope for and more.

Some believe that with enough hype, the TV show will get a second chance and finish the second season off right while also getting a third season. However, if the movie was where it all ends, most of them would agree ROFTNT I came out with a bang.

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10 Like a mother like a son

The name “Casey Jones” was there TMNT The media since the original 1984 sitcom. Casey has often been an adult man who does vigils with sports equipment while wearing a hockey mask. He changed slightly in the 2012 series to a teenager wearing a more skull mask. In the rise On a TV show, it was revealed that Foot Recruit’s real name is Cassandra ‘Casey’ Jones.

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Jones’ legacy lives on in her son, Casey Jr. Similar to Cassandra, he fights with sports equipment, with some modifications. For example, his hockey stick acts as a chainsaw. While also wearing a hockey mask, Casey drew red lines above the eyes to represent the future lion. This means that Leo raised him after Cassandra’s death in the future. As Casey is in the present, what’s next for him is unclear, though it is hoped he will meet his fierce teenage mother.

9 Back to the past

At the end of the movie, what’s left of the Kraang is loaded into a truck by men in government-looking uniforms. TMNT Fans know it’s a reference. The Earth Protection Force or EPF first appeared in 2003 TMNT TV series. The EPF was created by President Ulysses S. Grant as a means to protect Earth from aliens, led by Agent John Bishop. The boys and the bishop did not agree, because Bishop mistakenly thought they were hostile aliens.

EPF and Bishop reappear in the 2012 series; They were a more hated ally this time. While they only make a veil at the end of a file rise The movie, this adds to the science. If the EPF is in this string, and if the display continues, this opens the possibility of a file rise Crew meeting with EPF and Bishop. Not to mention the possibility of fighting aliens again.

8 The power of teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work, even though the turtle family took some time. After defeating the Shredder, they became satisfied, Leo more than anything else. He let victory and over-reliance on his mystical powers and weapons get to his head. This causes Raph to be captured by the Kraang and nearly crushes Donnie and Mickey in their turtle tank. Casey had to tell Leo before he could accept that he was wrong.

It was only when he encouraged others to help him make a plan that they began to see results. Not only were they able to save Raph, but they also regained their mysterious power after being robbed by Kraang earlier. Coming together as a team and family is what allowed them to gain the upper hand. This is a lesson they will learn with them in future battles.

7 April O’Neill, journalist

April has been portrayed as a white adult female in the sitcom, 1987 and 2003, and as a white teen in the 2012 series. She goes back to her teens in rise, with some notable differences: She wears glasses, has been a friend of turtles for years, and is a black teenage girl. At first, the original creators of the comics, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, imagined April to be a black woman.

The original series made her a Channel Six news reporter. 2003 April Disguised as a reporter, wearing her predecessor’s iconic yellow jumpsuit. rise April has a knack for finding anything and any stranger in New York. Not only has she mentioned her desire to become a journalist, but she has also been proudly a part of news anchor Warren Stone’s Fan Club. It made sense that she would study journalism at EastLaird University.

6 Donnie has feelings

A bit of a theatrical kid, Donnie goes all out no matter what he’s doing, often excessively. Some may think that he doesn’t really care about others, especially after trying his siblings (twice). Not to mention his desire to shoot an enemy with the deadly laser he made. However, this version of the tech genius finally allows him to have teenage ideas.

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Although he’s emotionally disabled, Donnie has a heart under that fight. This goes beyond just letting Mickey cuddle him. After escaping home in the Escape Capsules, there was a flash of fear in his eyes as he said that he never thought they would have to use them. In addition, when it seemed that Leo did not return from the prison distance, Donnie actually started to cry.

5 Good rounding Mickey

Typically the youngest of the four brothers, Mickey is often presented as the happy, unpredictable airhead. He tends to make loud decisions and ends up being infested with his siblings because of his problems. He’s still the youngest of them all, and he often acts immature in dangerous situations, like yelling shamelessly at the library. But it has more depth to it than previous versions.

It is more emotionally diverse, and expresses both intense anger and strong sympathy, especially when it comes to Draxum. Mickey, a hype team of one turtle, believes his siblings can do anything, even in the toughest situations. It was his belief in the lion that allowed him to open a magic portal in the prison dimension, even though he was working with tears.

4 Raff passes the torch

Liu has traditionally been the leader of the group, but rise He turned the script a bit and made Ruff the leader, because he was the oldest of them all. Being the big brother and captain of the team must have put a lot of weight and pressure on his shoulders. He even had a little meltdown about it at the surprising end of season two. But those years of driving ended up helping Leo in the movie.

After Raph is captured by Kraang, Leo has to step up and take on the task. Before that, he was feeling pretty good about himself and didn’t take things too seriously. Raff kept telling him that he didn’t understand what it meant to lead and be responsible for other people’s lives. Although Liu had to go through some traumatic events, he finally understood. Raff will always be the big brother, but at least now he’s relaxing a bit.

3 Leo the leader

Even before Splinter made him captain, Leo showed promise throughout the show. He motivated his siblings when they were feeling down, and has been known to use strategy when his ego doesn’t get in the way. While he was perfectly fine being the charismatic “nice guy,” Leo wasn’t shy about leading.

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Being pushed so hard into a leadership role is intimidating, but Leo got into it. Once he realized that it wasn’t about him, his strategic mind emerged. With this mindset, Leo will continue to learn and grow in his new leadership role.

2 Hope in the dark

Since the movie deals with an alien invasion, there are plenty of dark and tearful moments. The opening sequence shows everyone dying because of the Kraang, and even the bleeding of the future Lion. Not to mention that Kraang filled Ruff’s mind with his claws to find the boy’s lair.

However, as Leo said in the future, the greatest weapon of a ninja is hope. And while there were many desperate moments, these iconic heroes were able to persevere because they didn’t really lose hope.

1 The world will always need turtles

At the end of the movie, everyone takes to social media to discuss the invasion. The pictures are shown on a few cell phones, and one comments on the blurry pictures of the boys saying they are heroes. This is what turtles represent. They will always be heroes of the people.

It doesn’t matter if they’re children or adults, as Leo puts it, “they will always rise to the challenge” and defend their home. No matter what it looks like or what series you’re in, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will always have fans waiting for their adventures.

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