Matthew McConaughey football movie Dallas Sting canceled

Skydance and Berlanti Schechter Productions are hired to produce the football movie, Dallas Sting, with Carrie Scogland (The Hawk and the Winter Soldier) project direction and Matthew McConaughey Starring in the lead role. However, Skydance and the feature producers decided to scrap the image as “disturbing allegations surrounding aspects of the true story on which the drama was based” surfaced.

for every The Hollywood ReporterSkydance received allegations of wrongdoing surrounding the story, and a studio investigation revealed that the allegations were strong enough to warrant the film’s cancellation. McConaughey also pulled out of the project, which was to play the coach of a group of Dallas high school girls who traveled to China in 1984 to compete with some of the best women’s soccer teams from around the world. Details regarding the decision are not currently available with Skydance declining to comment on the aforementioned report.

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Dallas Sting He was going to tell a really inspiring sports story. This feature was set up to tell the story of a team of high school girls in Dallas who were invited to compete in the women’s soccer tournament in 1984. The team’s invitation to China came as a result of a political move by China to improve bilateral relations with the United States under Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The invitation was accepted by the United States but the first challenge that emerged at that time, there was no American women’s soccer team. The team was selected from Dallas after nationwide research and when they left for China, they were expected to lose to an underdog.

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However, the team managed to make its way to China with its coach Bill Kinder He charged $85,000 to his credit cards for non-refundable tickets to guarantee the team’s access to the tournament and competition – and they competed. They faced more experienced international teams – The Sting, as they were known – in a round for the championship match against Italy, beating Australia, Japan and China on their way to the final.

Sadly, the latest development has put a pin in the workings of this inspiring tale to be told. Production was supposed to begin in October in New Orleans, where the film’s script was created from an unpublished article Kinder wrote. It is said that Skydance was disappointed that the story would not be told as it takes us back to a time when the US women’s soccer team was not the dominant force they are now but still prevails.

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