A rival executive appears to be held back by the Miami Heat’s backcountry condition


Miami Heat No. 2 Gabe Vincent responds in the first half against the Boston Celtics in Game Three of the 2022 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

The Miami Heat were said to be interested in acquiring another off-season point guard. After Lowry missed matches due to injury and personal reasons, Gabe Vincent was asked to play a bigger role at the Heat last season. Vincent proved to be an excellent goalkeeper in his new role in Miami, scoring nearly 9 points and more than 3 assists per game.

Vincent’s playing has been solid, but the Heat have found themselves linked to rumors of being chased for other venues this off-season. This led to them linking up with players like Dennis Schroeder and John Wall before signing in Los Angeles, and even as a team that inquired about DeJounte Murray before he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

Eastern Conference executive on the case of the heat back area

While The Heat has been linked in rumors of a new footballer, an NBA executive shared with Heavy that after a strong exit from Vincent, he wasn’t expecting anything to change in the Heat’s backyard.

“Go back and watch them in the playoffs last year. I think the dirty little secret there is that they were better with Gabe Vincent on the floor than Kyle Lowry. Now, to be fair with Lowry, he wasn’t very healthy, that was obvious. But on the flip side, They were really good with Vincent there. He didn’t play the lights, but he managed to get the ball to Jimmy (Butler) and get out of the way, then play some defense on the other side. So they’re fine with him as a backup,” the Heavy executive said.

While Laurie is expected to be healthy this season, and they believe in Vincent, he noted that the Heat could have deep problems if Laurie or Vincent were injured, and would let Tyler Hero or Victor Oladipo play for long minutes in the reserve point guard position.

“The problem is, if Laurie is having trouble staying healthy again, she’ll have Herro play a reserve guard while Oladipo plays a reserve guard. It’s not the ideal setup. But they’re more concerned about tax at the moment so I don’t see them making any changes. real.”

Kyle Lowry’s injury case

Lowry faced a lot of criticism last season, with people calling him inappropriate, even Heat boss Pat Riley who shared what Lowry will need to tackle this season.

“The bottom line is with me and for me as much as I hope you can get the most out of any player,” Riley said. “…You have to be in world-class condition, you just have to be. He will definitely have to tackle that and it will be dealt with.”

Lowry noted that he has concerns about his season being derailed in an interview this summer and that this is a personal issue that continues to affect him.

“I’m still dealing with it,” lori said On the family issue, “It’s a situation when it’s better, I’ll talk about it more. But it’s definitely something like that that derails my entire season and keeps me off the track for a long time.”

Despite Lowry’s persistent concerns, Heat coach Eric Spoelstra predicted that not only would the base be back ready for training camp, but he would be in the best shape of his life.

“I think Kyle will be back at the next training camp in the best shape of his career,” Spoelstra said.


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