11 times in games where bosses outnumber you

Everyone loves a good boss. Even setting aside the excitement of the challenge that accompanies fighting against the toughest villains around, there is something unique that satisfies the hero (or his limbs) facing a powerful enemy and proving the victor.

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“True,” some developers ask, “why stop there?” If defeating one boss is a dopamine rush, a milestone in progress, or just an excuse to feel a little badass, what about defeat? two Bosses, or even three?

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11 Ornstein And Smough – Dark Souls

The Dark Souls series of games is known for having both challenging and massive boss battles, but even among the amazing lineup of bosses in the series, the battle against Ornstein and Smough in Anor Londo is probably the most famous example in modern video games of a boss fight where you really are. Feel That the big bad guys are totally outnumbering you.

While having two bosses is scary enough on its own, the battle escalates through the dynamic duo that complement each other perfectly: it’s hard work to stop these two from keeping you on the ropes, and they know it.

10 Territory Clashes – Monster Hunter World

Hunting and killing Monster Hunter’s honorary beasts has always been fun and action-packed as you battle building-sized creatures, using only visual context clues to let you know how low their health is.

The entry into the world in the series manages to raise that tension by allowing two of these monsters inhabiting the same map to collide with each other, resulting in a struggle for control of their territory, and your hunter is flattened by two raging monsters if you’re not careful. At the very least, monsters tend to focus on each other more than you do in these situations, but sticking around can often result in a new monster deciding that it doesn’t like the way you look.

It’s true you never fight FOX-HOUND members six against one, or even two on one for that matter, but the way KONAMI classic Metal Gear Solid 1998’s scene is set pits the hero against an elite rogue unit with nothing left Almost in the way of resources or support.

You may also be trapped on the island with them, and spending your time at Shadow Moses defeating them one by one does little to relieve the tension that builds up over the course of the game as the threat of a nuclear weapon launch becomes more and more dangerous. . Throw both their supernatural and supernatural abilities into the mix, and all you can do is just to stay above the water against FOX-HOUND.

8 Shadows of Yarnam – Bloodborne

Bloodborne bosses tend to confuse you with their large health complexes and violent attacks, and Shadows of Yharnam is no different, though it has an added advantage over the player in this three-on-one battle in the Forbidden Woods. Even with their number reduced, you are not safe, with some transformations taking place in each shadow as you reach different stages of the fight.

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Things won’t be simpler in the end, when the last remaining shadow summons giant snakes that strike you from halfway through the ring, keeping the numbers advantage until the bitter end.

7 Tartarus and the Savage – Halo 2

Even if seeing a horde of brutes in Halo 2 groan from high odds, the final battle against Tartarus and his waves of boss rank reinforcements is enough to merit the curses.

Previously, Halo lacked traditionally organized boss fights, so Bungie’s solution to the opponent’s problem was giving him plenty of health shields and recharges that could take a lot of punishment, like waves of high-ranking savages, each a huge problem in their lives . Your spawn to keep you busy. Let’s be honest, it’s not a very fun time, and between that and the ending of the infamous cliffhanger, Halo 2 probably wasn’t Bungie’s best hour.

6 Rufus Shinra and DarkStar – Final Fantasy VII Edition

Although you’re battling Rufus and his trusty pet in the original Final Fantasy VII, the showdown against them on the roof of Shinra’s building gets a major overhaul in JPRG’s 1997 remake of Square Enix. Now, the ways in which Rufus and Darkstar complement each other in combat are even more embodied.

Each new stage of the fight unlocks a special attack, many of which see the master and the hound combine their attacks to perform a devastating combination on an unwary player. The Darkstar eventually becomes too injured to continue the fight, but while he’s there, this terrible double guy is doing everything in his power to keep you off-balance.

5 Deacons of the Deep – Dark Souls 3

This boss battle has become a joke among fans of Dark Souls 3 due to the relatively easy difficulty of a game that doesn’t tend to keep you away from confrontations with its boss.

This fight sees you facing clergy from a corrupt religion, with the spirit of the archdeacon – your target – jumping between the hosts, and eventually appearing in his body during the second stage of the fight. None of the hosts are particularly ruthless, and careful spacing can diminish the importance of the fight – but entering this fight for the first time and feeling this momentary warning as you take in how many of them are there is a truly amazing moment.

4 Rage and Scream – Ace Combat 7

During your adventures in Ace Combat 7, you’ll encounter Rage and Scream, pilot siblings who excel just as their names tell you.

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Soon after stating that your wingman might make popcorn in the back of your plane for most missions, the duo are forced to eat their words when underestimating the Count for killing one of the twins, causing the survivor to become hysterical for the rest of the missions. from fighting. The result is an unforgettable, if not particularly difficult encounter.

The Phantom Pain gets its fair share of flair from fans for being esoteric even by Kojima’s usual production standard, and perhaps a bit unfinished.

However, there is no denying that the skulls were made for a particularly special part of the experience, and the levels that include refueling and defending yourself when the parasite unit began its attack are some of the more stressful tasks in the game. Each is a tank, and they can wipe out your health with relative ease: in a sense, once their attack starts, the level itself becomes a boss to beat.

2 Tonerova – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This boss fight from Ocarina of Time sees you under attack by Kotake and Koume, a pair of charming twins who stay out of reach and use their fire and frost power to keep you on your toes as you figure out how to deal with them.

Reversing attacks from one to the other does the trick until they finally unite in the second stage of the fight and treat the link with an appropriate one-to-one. They are still not necessarily dishonest, as they will continue to use both Fire and Frost attacks at range even when changed.

1 Halo Reach – Covenant Reinforcements

The final level of the latest Halo title developed by Bungie pits the player against desperate, insurmountable odds as waves of lower ranked enemies pave the way for tanks, warplanes, and higher-level foes, all reappearing indefinitely until the main character is finally defeated.

The point, both narratively and mechanically, is to outnumber and outsmart you – in that sense, the level is more like an arcade than anything else, albeit a “game over” level is the ultimate death of the player character against waves and waves of boss-rank enemies.

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