Chaos and ‘bad parts’ derail NASCAR’s Bristol trip


Kyle Busch walks to his pickup truck after an engine failure.

The Round of 16 ended at Bristol Motor Speedway. Christopher Bucher won while nearly half of the NASCAR Cup Series field dealt with big tires or mechanical issues, causing a great deal of chaos.

Harrison Burton was the first to experience setbacks. He had a tire come down three separate times early in the race. Although many other Ford drivers had the same problem while racing. This list included Austin Cendrick, Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano, and Ryan Blaney among others.

Toyota drivers, for comparison, have significant mechanical problems. Martin Truex Jr., Bubba Wallace and Ty Gibbs all experienced a power steering failure while a Toyota Camry suddenly started emitting smoke and fluid after an engine failure. Of these drivers, only Wallace was able to complete the race.

“Yes, I blew the seal and drove all the fluid on the right front tire,” Truex said after getting out of the race. “Just incredible. what [Kevin] Harvick says? Bad parts. “

“It was exactly what we thought it might be,” Elliott told the media after the race. “You know, the power steering issues that have been a topic of discussion, there are tire issues as well. I think we were on the conservative side of life with those things just to try and get past it. We ended up with a bullet [at the win]. “

Some drivers fight and move despite mechanical issues

Ty Gibbs

GTTy Gibbs failed to finish the Bristol race due to mechanical issues.

Several Toyota drivers, as well as Chevrolet’s Alex Bowman, all lost the steering early in the 500-lap race. These issues weren’t all the same given that some drivers headed to the garage while others continued racing. Bowman, in particular, finished sixth in the second stage and locked himself into the round of 12 after missing out on the power steering.

There were several other drivers who mentioned steering problems. This list includes Denny Hamlin, who finished ninth, and Chase Briscoe, who finished 14th and moved into the round of 12.

“I did not have [power steering] The whole race,” Briscoe told members of the media after the race. “It was…my arms were smoky. Yes, that couldn’t have been more fun. The wheel was ripping out of my hand every time I ran the bottom. The top was a little easier, so I had to run the top no matter what I was going to try to keep going.”

Briscoe continued and said that Bristol was a track that would put any imperfections on full display due to the load it puts on next-generation cars. Kyle Larson made similar comments when he said this is “what you get” with spec parts in reference to the multiple failures.

A different case set off from the “biggest one” and got rid of many drivers

Austin Dillon

GTAustin Dillon’s crash spent the playoffs.

Mechanical and tire problems disrupted the race for many drivers, including some in qualifying. Another unexpected problem also led to the “big problem” that brought together many other drivers struggling to stay above the elimination line.

Daniel Suarez, whose car was bouncing all night, lost control during the restart. He rolled the side of Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and started a chain reaction. The wreck brought together Austin Dillon, Tyler Riddick, Todd Gilliland, Eric Almerola, Alex Bowman, and Landon Cassel, among others.

The Reddick team was able to make enough repairs to get the Number 8 back on track. He finished the race, but missed the round of 12 by only two points. Bowman also headed to the garage, but already settled for the next round. Dillon’s night came to an end after the DVP hour ended, disqualifying him from the playoffs.

“[I was] Speaking to the media after the race, Suarez said. “The car was really bad. It’s probably one of the worst racing cars I’ve had this year and I’m just trying to get more than the car can handle, and I’m out.”


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