Minerblocks Tokens for September 2022

Minerblocks is a Minecraft-inspired Roblox that lets you build, mine, and get creative. Use these tokens for in-game boosts!

Minerblocks are, well, Minecraft but in Roblox. It’s easily one of the best Minecraft-like Roblox games out there, and it’s impressive that it plays just like the original Mojang! We have these codes that you can use for free items in the game. Just click on the link up or scroll down to get the codes. The game is still relatively new, so more tokens are to be expected as they race through milestones and other objectives.

We check our codes every day, so you don’t have to. Come back regularly to see if there are more goodies you can eat.

This page has been updated with a new icon in September 19.

All Minerblocks icons

code prize Active / Expired
Twitter This code gives you some basic resources to get started with. Energetic (new code)
25 kilo likes This code gives you free resources. Expired
30 kilo likes This code gives you free resources. Expired
40 kilo likes This code gives you free resources. Expired

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How to recover Minerblocks codes

Here’s how to get free items with codes in Minerblocks.

The Gamer video today
  • Download the game
  • Hit E, this opens the menu
  • Click on the icons button
  • Enter the code
  • Enjoy!

If the code does not work, It may be expired, or you may have entered it incorrectly. Copy and paste directly from the list above to make sure everything is correct, then come back another day to see if any more codes have been added. Enjoy these free items!

What is Minerblocks?

Minerblocks is obviously inspired by Minecraft, but all the textures, sound design, and other parts of the gameplay were compiled independently by a group of Roblox developers. it’s a One of the best ways you can get close to playing actual Minecraft for freeIt is definitely the best version of this type of game available on the entire platform. We are looking forward to future updates to the game! Right now, it’s just an empty place full of random blocks, but who knows what’s next?

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