Poppy Playtime’s Huggy Wuggy and 9 other horror mascots

Video game franchise Five nights at Freddy’s Far from including the only iconic amulets in horror. Usually, brands want their mascots to be attractive and attractive. Especially in the day, no one wants to buy merchandise if her face is afraid of it.

However, for some strange reason, recent years have shown that people actually love terrifying amulets. Although they certainly don’t overlook their cuteness, it’s the “super valley” effect these amulets bring about that makes them terrifying.

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10 Huggy Wuggy (Poppy’s Playtime)

There has been a huge revival in scary mascot modes thanks to Five nights at Freddy’s. One of the most popular trend hoppers at the moment is Poppy playing time. Like any good horror spell game, it has a sticker, and it has a totally terrifying presence. Huggy Wuggy’s design has been updated with modern gaming sensibilities.

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Old old cartoons don’t really say what kids like now. Huggy Wuggy’s simple design and soft, smooth aesthetic are the most “marketable” nowadays. However, the softness contrasts with a disturbingly resilient monster. Despite being twice as tall as a player, Huggy Wuggy chases them even through air vents by turning their bodies into a mass of hair and limbs.

9 Freddy Fricker (Los Angeles Games)

Freddie Freaker is an incredibly mysterious animated mascot for L.A. Toys set in 1987. It really proves that that year was a bad time everywhere to be a fan of anime, despite “Bite of ’87.” Freddie Freaker was used to advertise a hotline where kids could “talk to Freddie Freaker,” only to be met with weird cartoon voices.

Funnily enough, animator and YouTuber by the name of Chris O’Neill found the ad so disturbing (and funny) that he contacted the original owners for the rights to sell the goods. Shockingly, they agreed, and he loves to have equally scary promotional videos for the mentioned items on his YouTube channel. Oneyplays.

8 Koji (Ash vs. Evil Dead)

Cougie may have been a one-time villain, but he’s also one of the most memorable characters. It’s another example of how fun it is Ash vs Evil Dead It could be with Deadite updates, and there’s a good reason why it’s so prominent in most trailers.

Once an ordinary sporting spell with an innocent student inside, evil possesses the poor child and fuses him with the suit. It results in some disgusting physical horror, as the amulet grows unnaturally and organically.

7 dog (duck season)

duck season It is a seemingly harmless VR game Zero stress level It allows the player to play as a kid in the 80’s living room. There are references to ’80s culture everywhere, and of course a legally distinct version of hunt ducks for them to play. As usual, most players will shoot the annoying dog when he laughs at them.

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This is the first mistake. Shooting the dog causes things to slowly move south, and segments of the “real world” begin to cause omens. News reports of a “murderer on the loose” appear on TV, and things collide outside the player’s vision. The dog is real now, and his annoying human movements make him look like a deranged serial killer rather than a cute dog, all in a terrifying virtual reality.

6 Slappy (Dead Rising 2)

Slappy is one of the many psychopaths Chuck Greene encounters Death Race 2. What makes Slappy especially terrifying is his super-cheerful costume. Seeing a childish cartoon character with a smiling face covered in blood is an unsettling juxtaposition.

It doesn’t help that he’s visibly loose after his girlfriend was killed by a zombie. Despite all of that, he has moments of fun. Slappy has a crazy boss fight and it’s totally funny to see him walking around the mall with dual flamethrowers. However, it leaves the player in one last state of terror before succumbing to his injuries.

5 The Good Man Dolls (Children’s Play)

It’s really surprising that the Good Guy Doll collection is still active after all these years. The power of marketing is truly terrifying. Chucky loves it that way of course because somehow people still have fond memories of the line despite all the tragedy that surrounds it. Granted, most of it is covered. But even without the news, the dolls are worrying.

Their eyes are striking blue and they seem to talk on their own without prodding all the time. This is shown with the non-owned dolls in the series who are still experiencing these strange moments. Of course, Chucky is still responsible for most of the doll’s design fear. He wasn’t iconic for being a cute playmate, after all.

4 Sam (Trick R Treat)

Sam is a self-proclaimed Halloween mascot, and people should celebrate it the way he wants. Otherwise, they might end up having a really scary Halloween. Its design is simple yet eye-catching, a kid in loose-fitting, orange pajamas that contrast annoyingly with the soiled bag above his head. Constant showing up after the horrific murders doesn’t help matters either.

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His name is even associated with the origins of Halloween, Samhain, This further solidified his claim as a Halloween mascot. If that doesn’t work, perhaps the constant giggles and unnatural screams will convince the skeptics. Failing that, Sam would likely stab them with his extraordinarily sharp lollipop.

3 Billy the Doll (Saw)

Every serial killer needs a brand. Freddy has his paws, hat and jacket, Jason has a hockey mask, and Michael has a spray painted Shatner mask. Jigsaw needed his own brand to stand among the greats, which is why he used his adorable scary doll, Billy. This fearsome white doll with spiral red cheeks and bright red eyes is often the first victim in the world saw Awake’s privilege.

It’s been used mostly as a “game host”, but has had times to shine as an actual trap, as in Fourth saw When an unsuspecting victim explodes. His backstory is also tragic, as, prior to his current occupation, he was supposed to have been a gift to dead child John Kramer. Now, that pain had been turned into a horrific killing spell.

2 Ruby Rabbit (Silent Hill)

the silent HillTerrifying though it is, it is still a mostly “normal” city. They even have their own amusement park, and their mascot is the lovable Ruby the Bunny. Unfortunately for the player, they will never see this cool side of him. Instead, they would likely find him covered in blood, as a warning of things to come.

Robbie the Rabbit is the series’ mascot, and appears in almost every game after his first appearance in it Silent Hill 3. While he is just a real enemy in this arcade exclusive, his presence is still intimidating throughout. His appearance is a very imprecise example of how a town the silent Hill Turns the most innocent things into terrifying symbols.

1 Rolling World Amulets (Franken Fran)

One scary spell is bad enough. Franken Fran ups the ante by owning an entire garden for them. Fran is notorious for her immoral frenzy, and her “treatments” may make “patients” regret their choices. Fran owns an entire amusement park full of “amulets,” and they’re all real patients. Typically Franken Fran Fashion, they are funnyly used as “free amulets” by the greedy garden owner, and the music calms them down.

Even worse, it is contagious. Those who were not slaughtered by the amulets during their madness would slowly become “amulets” themselves. It’s bad enough that they become a zombie, but they now have to go through the very painful process of becoming organic mascots in the park, which is as humiliating as it is terrifying.

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