Heat once again emerges as a potential landing site for DeMar DeRozan


Miami Heat president Pat Riley addresses the media.

Over the weekend, the Miami Heat were linked to a surprise star in trade rumours. After spending the summer in the sweepstakes for Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell, it looks like The Heat are ready to reboot with the same roster that took them to the Eastern Conference Finals last season. The team lost to PJ Tucker but has plans to fill that role with what they consider a rising star. However, while the team hasn’t added a star as fans had hoped this season, that doesn’t mean they won’t this season, and an NBA insider has shared the possibility that the team could pick up a talent like Chicago’s DeMar DeRozan. Bulls are near the trade deadline.

“If the Bulls struggle out of the gate the way they came home last season, DeRozan could bring back some real value in the medium and long term for a Bulls team that includes Zach Lavigne, Pat Williams and a squad of young guards. DeRozan’s stock is never higher.

The Heat—with Tyler Hero, Duncan Robinson and Nicola Jovich—has the pieces needed to bring DeRozan to South Beach. The DeRozan-Jimmy Butler winger pairing would give Miami a better offensive advantage (especially if Butler doubles the number of 3s he took in the regular season, as he did in the playoffs) to beat the Bucks and Celtics without sacrificing overall defense. In return, the Bulls get a manageable contract at Robinson, a high probability in Jovic, and an emerging star at Herro, who they will likely want to sign and extend the Heat as part of any deal,” Books by David Thorpe from True Hoop.

Heat mentioned again in DeMar DeRozan rumors

Now while one signal is considered a surprise, two begin to build excitement or expectations. In a conversation with Eastern Conference Director Sean Daveney was told more about the potential market for DeRozan, and The Heat was mentioned again in the race.

Well, everyone has a market, right? The fact that the Lakers wanted it and screwed it up has been talked about a lot. If there was a way for the Lakers to get it, of course they would. But that ship has sailed. The Bulls won’t take Westbrook back for DeRozan nor send you Lakers Anthony Davis, and that’s the only way the deal will work.

If this season starts the way it did last season, there’s a chance the Bulls can explore all options. And you’ll get some good offers. Teams like the Knicks or Dallas or Portland, and certainly Miami, would drop the pieces and pick a player like DeRozan. He was an MVP candidate for most of the past year. Said an executive to Shane Daveney of Heavis NBA Insider.

DeMar DeRozan in South Beach?

The DeRozan deal obviously brings an immediate attack on the Heat team and an excellent option to work with Butler. DeRozan reunited with Kyle Lowry in the Heat’s backyard, and the team could struggle without giving up a staggering sum. The proposed deal also answers some ongoing Concerns over handling of looming Tyler Hero contract extension. Do you think DeRozan is better than Herro would be? this is the question. If you do, deal with a five-star All-Star is a no-brainer win now, move on.


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