The best and most interesting datamin results in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a seemingly endless game. Just when you think you’ve seen everything The Lands Between has to offer, there are new areas, bosses, missions, and characters to see. It’s unclear what the future of Elden Ring will be, but there have been plenty of great results when it comes to the content previously planned for the game.

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It’s crazy to think that this super massive adventure could be even bigger. Whatever the case may be, leftovers for truncated content, potential downloadable content, and more are hidden inside the files to be revealed. It remains to be seen whether the things in data processing can be indicative of future content.

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8 Pledge of allegiance to the covenant

Elden Ring borrows in many ways from Dark Souls 3. However, in-game files reveal that FromSoftware has borrowed a bit more. In the Dark Souls series, you can align yourself with an era that was usually centered around a character you found in the game. Reigns mostly affected online gameplay and was a bit confusing, which led to it being more controversial features regarding the Souls series.

At some point, it appears that the Covenants were planned to be included in the Elden Ring. It’s not clear what specifically this entails nor what NPCs you can get along with, but it’s interesting to speculate how the game can pit players into teams against each other.

7 I never knew defeat

Malenia, the Blade of Miquella has already made its rounds as not only the toughest boss on the Elden Ring, but probably the most difficult boss that FromSoftware has ever created. It heals every time it hits you, experiences an almost inevitable bout, and has a second stage to learn once you make your way through the first.

Believe it or not, Malenia used to be more difficult, but it was patched to be easier before the game was released. If you own the Elden Ring disc version, you can revert the game back to version 1.0 and try it out for yourself. Most notable is the ancient Waterfowl Attack, which is significantly more deadly than the version most players are familiar with.

6 travel trader

One of the first NPCs you encounter on your journey in The Lands Between is a lone merchant named Kale, who is sitting in a campfire with his horse nearby. Various other merchants dressed similarly to Kale’s outfit are scattered throughout the game, offering various useful utensils and items in exchange for runes.

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However, data experts have revealed that Kale at one point planned to be a mobile trader. Apparently, his sick-looking mare wasn’t just for show. It is discovered that Kale will move after completing Stormveil Castle. It makes its way through Liurnia and ends up in the underground sewers of Leyndell. It’s unclear why this will change in the final version, but fortunately, there is no shortage of merchants in the game.

5 What is this structure for?

Early on in the Elden Ring, you will likely have come across a structure that resembles the large Colosseum. They stand out on the map noticeably, which leads you to explore the area. Once you get there you can travel all the way until you realize there is nothing you can do to open its doors. There is no road inside. As of now, these structures are for display only.

but, I found the data That there are not only fully designed interiors, but there are paths, boon locations, and even unused bosses that were meant to fight each other or the player. Some have speculated that this Colosseum could be used in DLC or future updates, but the truth is that no one is sure of that yet. Needless to say, it would be nice if future content actually includes those areas that are restricted from launch day.

4 Cover art assignment

Dark Souls games often have covers that only show an unnamed character sitting in a fire or standing with their weapons at the ready. The Elden Ring cover is similar, featuring a lone warrior with the Elden Ring in the sky behind him. This character is supposed to be Vyke, who appears in the game as an NPC invasion and boss fight. You can also get his shield.

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He didn’t appear in the game much, but The data indicates that he has a complete mission at one point. No audio lines were found, but there were important bonuses, summon points, and even descriptions that gave more basic information about the character. For example, there was a text that indicated that he was also a deformed and that he was closer than all the rest to claiming the throne and becoming the master of God.

3 ranking system

Due to Elden Ring’s popularity and vast combat options, PVP has been a source of viral content for several months. With so many players testing their builds on each other, it’s clear that multiplayer is one of the game’s main selling points. While FromSoftware’s multiplayer is competitive, it doesn’t usually have a ranked system attached to it, which makes the confrontations on the casual side.

Dataminers found information This indicates that this was not always the case. Messages were found in the game files indicating your rank increased, indicating that this could be paired with a reworked Covenant system to match players based on their skill level. At that point, though, Rivers of Blood and the Bloodhound Step would dominate the higher ranks.

2 Do us a favor and walk away from our dreams

There are plenty of options when it comes to interacting with the NPCs in FromSoftware games. Dataminers . revealed Elden Ring likely added more options to the mix.

Buried in the files is an NPC that would have given you an item that could be used to put NPCs to sleep. After that, you can get acquainted with their dreams mainly. It is not clear if this is text based only or allows you to explore small areas. In both cases, there was also evidence to suggest that a mission line that would include this feature was also planned.

1 secret ending secret

The Elden Ring has several endings, which would be nearly impossible for players to achieve without a clue. These endings are done in a way that, unless you’re tampering with saving data using the cloud or messing with your computer’s files, you need to do multiple runs to see all six.

end of seven It was planned at some point, though. The conditions for achieving this end have been removed, which likely led to their abolition. However, the scene is finished and can be viewed for your curiosity. Everything is as interesting and mysterious as the other endings.

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