Game of Thrones: The Binge-Watching TV Shows That Lasted Too Long

“The show that caught our imagination five years ago is still being whipped to its final demise in the not too distant future.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Elizabeth Moss is still fighting the battle with the expansion of Gilead’s influence in Canada. The show that caught our imaginations five years ago is still being whipped up until its final demise in the not-too-distant future.

It’s the latest TV drama that has run for far too long leaving viewers frustrated with station chiefs trying to co-opt every last leak of once-great programming.

Rotten Tomatoes is far from bible, but when fan ratings for the first (2017) season of The Handmaid’s Tale settle at 94 pieces, and the latest series (2021) struggles for a 70% approval rating, the show’s makers should know time is up.

However, here we are with Season 5 on the cusp of landing and the possibility of Season 6 coming next year. At least they had the foresight to announce that it would be the last. But it is too late, at least three seasons.

Killing the main characters was par for the course in Game of Thrones. When Ned Stark lost his head in Season 1, fans realized that no one was safe from the hit drama.

Unfortunately, fans weren’t safe either because we dealt with one of the worst final seasons ever with a mix of storylines and many threads left unanswered. Many see the turnaround in the show’s success due to the fact that the TV series has outpaced the books.

Show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have exhausted the source material for the books by the end of season five, but they’re still adamant going forward for three seasons. Results?

A disastrous ending with a rating of only 55 on Rotten Tomatoes compared to the spinner’s heights of 97.8% for season four.

It’s not uncommon for soap operas to take a critical hit when they lose one of their most important cast members.

Unfortunately for The Office, when the “best boss in the world” (aka Steve Carell’s Michael) chose to go to the show it was never the same.

Ed Helms as Andy and Will Ferrell as Deangelo and Idris Elba as Charles did their best to keep the lights on but the show had to end with dignity as Michael finally said goodbye to his team at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Fans were left annoyed that it continued for another 46 episodes.

Will someone stop the madness please? 731 episodes over 34 seasons and Fox is still attending that show. It hasn’t been funny since the late ’90s, yet Matt Groening and his team continue to paint their comics but fail to make us laugh.

Amazingly, only one episode after season 20 makes it into the 50 best episodes of all time. Barthod (season 27, episode 9) followed Bart into the future and cleverly reversed the film Boyhood.

Fox has done a good job creating a good 22 minute infographic in 15 years. It’s time to hang crayon boys.

remember this? I honestly thought it ran for 5 seasons, but Google quickly and I reliably learned that it ran for 182 episodes over ten series long.

JD’s Proman and Turk were good for a few dozen episodes but the formula quickly dried up.

The best character was Attorney Ted who sang in full, but only appeared in half of the episodes.

This is an obvious one to include as it is regularly referred to as a show that has gone on for a very long time. The first season was a cornerstone, and the cold opening of the second season was captivating,

Charlie’s emotional death at the end of season 3 was tearful, and the flash forward at the end of season 4 was jaw dropping…and then it was just bullshit.

Thirty-five hour-long episodes knocked Donkey out of the show over another two years as viewership bled heavily.

One of the most widely watched TV shows of the 2000s, Dexter had a very compelling plot, tracking a psychopath working as a forensic cop and killing criminals who got away because of the technicalities.

Viewers believe that the show has become repetitive, and the ending (after 96 episodes) left much to be desired.

Weed suggested a fun and hilarious plot at first, which was about a suburban mom who decided to start selling marijuana as a way to maintain the relaxed lifestyle she was accustomed to before her husband died.

However, I soon lost track and so the show itself.

Season 3 should have been the end.

The X-Files is one of the most popular TV shows from the 90s, during which Gillian Anderson became an international star. As viewers, we loved the dynamic of Scully and Mulder and totally engaged with the issues the agents had to solve.

The only problem was that David Duchovny had to leave the show at the end of season seven, and it wasn’t the same without Mulder’s agent.

And 10 offers expired very quickly

We were just getting into it. It was absolutely wonderful. Just why Netflix?

One of the best things Ricky Gervais has ever done is end this show in that kiss.

12 episodes. This is the entire show from start to finish.

Fox’s comedy was actually only warmer when it was packaged after 96 funny installments.

84 episodes sounds like a lot but fans were still wrapping this show up when it ended prematurely in 2019.

The shooting of Nidge by Patrick Ward was a great finale, but there was definitely a thirst for more love/hate when it ended.

Based on the Bradley Cooper movie of the same name, this show was great from start to finish. It’s just a shame that the chiefs didn’t approve of.

One of the most unbelievable seasons ever in TV has been cut short! I still ache about this.

Two seasons weren’t enough. And when you look at the success of GoT, you have to wonder if the bosses are so angry that they pulled the plug on it.

Jerry Seinfeld called her to quit before “bargaining funny” even though big money offers continued

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