How to Keep Your PureRef Mood Board Organized: 6 Tips

PureRef is a great tool for building mood boards and organizing reference photos. The creators have gone a long way in building a tool for artists that looks beautiful and works easily, all you need to know is how to keep the PureRef panel organized.

Since there are no visible buttons or menus, PureRef can be a bit ambiguous at first. But fortunately, it only takes a few keyboard shortcuts to organize the PureRef panel in a matter of seconds.

PureRef Shortcuts Overview

In this article, we’ll show you our top tips for organizing PureRef Mood panel, most of which can be accessed through the menu when you right-click on the canvas.

Of course, using keyboard shortcuts is much more efficient, and along the way, we’ll mention a few of them. After creating a mood board with PureRef, it may be useful to come back here if you don’t remember keystrokes.

abbreviation name windows macOS
rank by name Ctrl + Alt + N ⌥⌘N
horizontal distribution Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up ⌥⇧⌘ ↑
vertical distribution Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down ⌥⇧⌘ ↓
Align Down Ctrl + Down ⌘ ↓
Align left Ctrl + Left ⌘ ←
Align right Ctrl + Right ⌘ →
Align the top Ctrl + Up ⌘ ↑
The axis is cut off to move the item left MB + Shift left mb + ⇧
Transmission element cut off MB Left + Shift + Space MB + ⇧ + space left
Scale Left MB + Ctrl + Alt left mb + ⌥⌘
Height normalization Ctrl + Alt + Left ⌥⌘ ←
Scale normalization Ctrl + Alt + Down ⌥⌘ ↓
Volume normalization Ctrl + Alt + Up ⌥⌘ ↑
Display normalization Ctrl + Alt + Right ⌥⌘ →
Crop selection left mb + c left mb + c
Reset Cropping Ctrl + Shift + C ⇧⌘ c
Pack and improve everything Ctrl + Shift + P. ⇧⌘ p
Dark preset Alt + 1 ⌥1
preset light Alt + 2 ⌥2
pre-made glass Alt + 3 ⌥3
NB Ctrl + n ⌘N

1. Automatic arrangement of photos

PureRef makes it easy to save time by automatically arranging images in different ways. This is great if you need to arrange your canvas and group all the images together in a neat layout.

If you are sorting through a series of images, it may be helpful to organize the images by file name, in which case you can use a keyboard shortcut control + alternative + n.

Aligning items is another useful function that you can use to distribute images in straight rows using the shortcut control + alternative + Transformation + higher for horizontal or control + alternative + Transformation + lowest for the vertical.

On the other hand, just like aligning text in a Word document, you can align images left, right, up, or down. After choosing the photos you want, press control + the left/the correct/higher/lowest on the keyboard.

2. Move images by axis

When you arrange your photos in neat order, you don’t want to spoil your work. So when it comes to moving images, you can maintain a tidy layout by moving them along the axis. In other words, when you move an image, it follows a straight line from its original position.

In PureRef this is called “Axis Captured Animation” and to do that click on the images you want to move with left mouse button + Transformationthen drag the image in the direction you want.

Another time-saving method is to automatically capture one image to the edge of another image. Aligning the images side by side is tedious. So to avoid doing it the manual way, try using the ‘adjacent move element’ function. Simply choose an image and click left mouse button + Transformation + space while moving the image.

3. Resize images

When it comes to making images bigger or smaller, keeping them pinned to the center and sized to fit is one way to keep the PureRef mood board satisfactorily arranged. Select an image, then tap left mouse button + control + alternativethen move the mouse right to enlarge the image, then move the mouse left to reduce it.

You can also resize a group of photos so that they are all the same size. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to sort images of different sizes and make them easier to display as a group. In the list, it was listed under the heading Normalize. To resize images by height, for example, use the shortcut control + alternative + the left.

Other options include resizing images by scale, size, and width; For these shortcuts head to the overview menu at the beginning of this article.

4. Put everything in the window

For those of us who are too lazy to resize and arrange our photos on canvas, PureRef has you covered. In one quick shortcut, you can pack all the images on the page into the current window size. Even if the images are of different sizes, you will find the perfect way to display them.

The function is called “Pack all and optimize” and all you have to do is press control + Transformation + s. You can do this as many times as you need, so if you want to make some photos stand out by zooming in on the photo, hit the shortcut again to repack everything in a neat order.

5. Change the subject

PureRef comes with some preset themes like light, dark, and glass. The glass setting makes the canvas transparent and is useful for drawing or 3D modeling from reference. In fact, using PureRef with Blender is a combination we highly recommend.

You can change the preset theme at any time by pressing alternative + 1 for the dark alternative + 2 to light and alternative + 3 to put the glass.

6. Create a note

The last thing left to help organize the PureRef mood board is to add some stickers. Creating a note is as simple as tapping control + n And use the mouse to move the note on the page.

Use it to add a title to the board or to write a special note next to an image. To delete a note, simply select it and tap delete or Backspace on the keyboard.

If you’d rather not download a program, check out these mood board creation sites.

Maintain an organized mood with PureRef

PureRef is a boon to any artist who wants to create a mood board. Its clean and simple design helps you focus on creating, rather than fighting with organizing large batches of photos. With no buttons or menus visible on the screen, the secret to arranging images lies in the keyboard shortcuts.

With a few quick tips, you’ll have a PureRef mood board looking clean and tidy in no time at all.

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