How to play the Federated Islands of Merylva in Brigandine: The Legend Of Runersia

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While most countries in Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia An ancient and respected institution, the Merylva Federated Islands are a diverse group of pirate islands, uniting to form one nation. It’s a decent campaign option for beginners and has one of the most unique faction themes.

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The charismatic commander makes a fun campaign, although you will have to fight your way through some of Runersia’s toughest enemies in order to claim victory. This guide will explain who the United Isles of Mirelva are, their primary strengths and weaknesses, and some tips on how to play them at the beginning of the game.

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Who are the Merylva Islands?

The war in Ronercia provoked the blood of the Merylva pirates, led by the steadfast and energetic. Stella HammettThey are finally striving to gain a foothold on the continent. Legendary descendant Captain HammettStella is nominated by her father to lead the islands to war. Each of the seven islands proposes a candidate, and the president is determined by the Council of the Pirate Descendant, which voted unanimously for Stella, thanks to her courage in battle and confidence in leadership. She, therefore, dons the Brigandine from Ego He travels to do battle.

A decently large land mass gives you a fairly comfortable starting position, and the linear nature of your leveling positions makes them very easy to defend, since you don’t have to cover multiple attack options.

start with Seven Beginning SettlementsIt will be your capital Saint Gladia. Hiding behind your outer bases, it’s very easy to defend, and when playing as islands you don’t have to worry too much about being attacked, leaving you free to focus on attacking.

Led by Stella, who is eager to finally assert Merylva’s right to the lands and the lands of the mainland, you will first be tasked with defeating either of them. Theocracy of Mana Salicia, The largest and most powerful nation of Bragan, or Holy Gustava EmpireAnother powerful enemy. The good news is that these are the only enemies you will have to worry about for a long time, as other nations are hiding behind in the West.

Despite being a great character, Stella isn’t really anything special on the battlefield. Average stats and abilities mean it’s not an automatic choice to lead your attacks. It has a great ability to Charm, which will allow you to capture enemy monsters after the Rune Knight withdraws from the battle. With 14 Rune Knights, you have plenty of alternatives, and the strongest for sure omemaruwho owns the unique Automaton Class. It features the strongest AoE action in the entire game, with Umimaru Cannon 2.0.1 Update. This will allow you to completely destroy the enemy armies, so investing resources to level Umimaru is an excellent option. Other decent rune knights side by side Stella And the omemaru will be JennyAnd the Pluto And the Farewell , Who you can use to expand as you search with your lower level characters in order to build their power.

for you fourteen Starting Rune Knights are:

Ron Knight Season starting level
Stella Hammett captain 15th
Pluto Wizard 15th
Farewell Berserker 18
Jenny Viking 22
omemaru Automaton 15th
Lucia Temple Night 10
Ratka Fisher man 5
Sufi charming 1
Lorenzo bishop 12
Tommy Watchman 10
Rubio barbaric 8
Shirad Thief 8
Gallivard Berserker 12
vigo monk 8

Early game tips

Your main path is to conquer both quickly vestibule And the Darren, which will give you more territory but not increase the number of active bases on the front lines. After that, try to proceed to capture both Norpass And the Zagost to the northeast. Invade Holy Gustava Empire Is a good choice, as the Mana Salicia Theocracy He is usually fairly busy fighting other threats and usually just defending his borders without assaulting yours. A quick start is important, because you are well positioned to demand some easy new rules, and you have Rune Knight starting levels so you don’t need to sit back and unite.

Your drive across the north is generally quite safe, until you reach kingdom of Norzalo, You will not encounter any new enemies. However, the processing Mana Salicia Theocracy It can be tricky, depending on how powerful it is. Try to use hit and run tactics to pull their troops all over the place, as you will have the advantage of being able to attack from multiple angles. their leader, Rodo Marco Pretty strong, and unless Stella has a significant level advantage, you might struggle to duel him at the game’s higher difficulty settings.

As with every faction in Brigandine: The Legend Of Runersia, you can recruit spam Racist Monsters in your armies. These are largely overcome, and by repetition prismatic shot ability, you can easily defeat any enemy. While it is certainly powerful, you will likely have more fun by mixing and matching the different monsters available in your armies.

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