10 Dark Comedy Series To Watch If You Like Bad Sisters

The new series Bad Sisters It is the absolute black comedy. Thanks to the sharp edge and outstanding performance from the cast, she manages to be both amazingly funny and at times quite confusing. Of course, this weird mix is ​​exactly what makes this type of black comedy perpetually popular with fans.

There is something uniquely fun in a series that uses sharp intelligence to dig into and expose the deepest flaws and insecurities in a given culture, and so it’s worth taking a look at some of the best examples of that specific genre.

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Dead to Me (2019-2022)

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Christina Applegate has an amazing career, and she brings all her big charisma to her role in it dead to meIt depicts a woman grieving the death of her husband who then befriends Jodi Linda Cardellini, the woman who accidentally kills him in a hit and miss.

Likes Bad SistersThe series seamlessly switches between true emotional depth and outright fun, and Applegate and Cardellini deliver first-class performances. Above all, the series is all about friendship and how it can make people do and say strange things.

Fargo (2014-)

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One of the most entertaining things about a series like Bad Sisters It is the extent to which comedy can be used to elicit laughter and discomfort from the audience. This dynamic is a big clue in FargoIt is arguably one of the best FX series.

As an anthology series, each season focuses on a different set of characters, and each one explores the depth people will plunge into. At the same time, he also has an unmistakable sense of humor, although he’s often as ragged (and annoying) like the Coen Brothers movie it’s based on.

Shameless (2011 – 2021)

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Over the course of its many seasons, shameless It has slowly but surely established itself as one of Showtime’s best series. With its focus on the impoverished Gallagher family, led by their not-so-well-functioning boss Frank, it is a hilarious, disturbing, and ultimately evocative portrait of poverty in the United States.

and like Bad SistersIt is also about the many ties that bind the family together. Although they often quarrel with each other, when the chips are down, the various members of the Gallagher family know that the only people they can truly count on are themselves.

Murder Eve (2018 – 2022)

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Kill Eve It is one of the most unique series that has appeared on television. Focusing on a killer (Judy Commerz Villanelli) and the woman she seeks to bring to justice (Sandra Oh Eve), it has all the makings of a fantastic thriller.

At the same time, like Bad SistersIt also has a very enthusiastic and sophisticated comedic feature. In fact, there are a number of times that comedy has appeared Kill Eve It can get too dark for the casual viewer, but that’s exactly what makes it such a delicious and exciting series to watch.

Boys (2019-)

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During her time on the air, boys It has proven to be one of the best Amazon Prime series. Set in a world where superheroes (called Supes) are treated and honored like celebrities, but are secretly corrupted and generally terrible, it follows a group of rebels (called the Boys) who seek to bring them down.

Featuring bittersweet humor, truly astounding displays of violence and bloodshed, and a deeply exhausted pessimism of the world, it is precisely the kind of black comedy that suits fans of the dark. Bad Sisters.

Succession (2018-)

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As its title suggests, Bad Sisters It is all about the bonds between family members, and that’s also true SuccessionOne of the best HBO series. However, in this case, it focuses on the Roy family, and in particular Patriarch Logan’s search for a suitable heir to his huge media empire.

Although it’s a drama in the first place, there’s also a lot more Succession Which fits with the tradition of black comedy. In fact, there are many moments that make the audience – and sometimes the character – laugh with mixed shock and humor at what is happening on screen.

Righteous Gems (2019-)

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Danny McBride has created a number of great characters, but Jesse Gemstone in Good gems It is definitely one of his most outlandish images (and thus one of his most hilarious). In fact, Good gems Resembles Bad SistersAbout the charged dynamics that can often be found even in a family that loves each other.

In this case, the family in question is a group of evangelicals whose dark pasts come back to haunt them. With each season, the series increases the absurdity, until it reaches truly sublime proportions.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia (2005-)

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When it comes to dark comedy, few series achieve such a level of silliness and blackness It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. Over its many seasons, the owners of Paddy’s Pub (and in Dee’s case, the workers) have slowly revealed just how awful they are, and it’s precisely their outrageous awfulness that makes the series so funny.

Likes Bad Sistersthere are a few envelopes It’s always sunny in Philadelphia You won’t pay, and you’ll be up to the truly amazing performance of each and every member of the cast.

The Great (2020-)

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the great It is one of the most outlandish dramas, and it certainly makes no effort to stay true to historical accuracy. Thus, although it focuses on the rise and reign of Catherine the Great, it does not let facts stand in the way of powerful storytelling.

It has a challenging feature that will be familiar to those who enjoy it Bad SistersAnd it must also be said that it is one of Elle Fanning’s best roles. Despite her prickly and quixotic sense of humor, she never loses sight of the fact that it’s about a young woman’s determination to drag Russia into the modern world.

My body (2021 -)

Stream on Apple TV +

Apple TV + has already shown that it is willing to take some risks with its TV series, and physical It is one of her most amazing and ambitious shows. It stars Rose Byrne as Sheila Robin, a woman with an eating disorder determined to take control of her life by engaging in exercise.

It’s a show with a sharp sense of humor but, like Bad SistersShe uses her unique sensibility in the service of something greater, and is, more than anything else, an indictment of the superficial superficiality that was a hallmark of American culture in the 1980s.

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