13 of the most random things said in Disney movies

“You can fly, you can fly!” , “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” and “We are all connected in the great circle of life.” These are all great examples of great Disney quotes, and it’s easy to understand why they’re all so memorable. They may come from a famous song, phrase, or the central message of a movie, but they have their own ways of sticking with an audience.

On the other side of that coin, there are those streaks that still linger because of their weird, unusual, or simply ridiculous quality. It might not be the quotes that end up on T-shirts or college dorms, but it has left fans baffled for a long time.

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Updated September 22, 2022 by Lynne Gibbs: Disney is more than just great storytelling and animation, they are known for their musicals and quotes too. Disney fans become attached to different characters, often keeping their lines due to the number of times they’ve re-watched the movie. However, Disney writers aren’t perfect. From Robin Hood to Frozen II, there are a few Disney character quotes that are so random and inappropriate that they’ve made an impression on fans.


Olaf – Frozen II

This quote has been added as one of the most random Disney quotes due to the number of memes that came from it. Olaf has had so many great quotes all along frozen, but this was the most mysterious. Leave it to Olaf to make something as simple as a name like “Samantha” in a quote that stuck in the dark recesses of the audience’s mind.

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While the “Samantha” quote doesn’t sound funny out of context, it was a hilarious part of the movie. When Olaf separates from Anna and Elsa, he is seen in the woods calling their names. Also shout out for a woman named Samantha. Funny enough, Olaf didn’t know Samantha, he just wanted to see if anyone would respond. As random as it is, it’s one of Disney’s most random quotes.

“Did they give you a name besides all those stretchy bras?”

Megara – Hercules

There have been some inspiring quotes all over Disney Herculesbut that wasn’t one of them… In fact, this was one of the most random lines ever thrown into a children’s movie – not to mention a Disney movie!

As a god-like figure, Hercules was handsome and powerful. When he first met Megara, she introduced herself and said this quote before Hercules could introduce himself. Talking about his “wavy bras” was definitely off the mark for the family-friendly brand.

“I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move until the honeymoon.”

Jenny – Aladdin and the King of Thieves

There’s no denying that Aladdin and Jenny had a great friendship, but they were probably very comfortable with each other when Jenny made this joke towards his best friend after he married Princess Jasmine.

in the sequel to AladdinAnd the Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Aladdin and Jasmine are getting married in front of most of the city. During the party, the villain poked an elephant to cause a stampede of some sort, causing a loud roar throughout the party. Then Jenny threw this joke, which seemed far fetched from the G-rated genie that everyone knows and loves. She was a random addition to the scene the movie could have done without her.

“The party lasted a whole week, and honestly, I don’t remember most of it.”

Flynn Rider – Tangled

At the end of tangledRapunzel manages to save herself with the help of Flynn Rider. Although the two got off on the wrong foot and endured each other on their adventure to the castle, they ended up becoming friends by the end of the movie.

Rapunzel and Flynn liked each other so much that they were willing to hurt in order to save the other. In the end, it was clear that the two weren’t romantically involved. Flynn even did this wise thing about drinking so much that he couldn’t remember most of their festive events. Since it was the end of the movie, this seemed like a random quote in tangled It didn’t have to happen.

“Kevin girl?”

Russell – top

despite of higher Opening with a death scene, it’s one of the most beloved Disney/Pixar movies. The film showed the quiet life of an old man named Carl before he met a new wildlife explorer named Russell. Russell has said some silly things in the movie since he was a child, including not knowing the gender of a large tropical bird. In his defense, it is difficult to determine a gender for something like Paradise Falls’ big-faced bird. However, this has become one of the most remembered moments for Pixar higher.

Maybe that’s the absurdity of the creature in question, or maybe it’s the rendition of the young explorer, but it still stands out as one of either character’s best moments.

“Trash will do.”

Rey – The Force Awakens

It’s ironic to hear novice adventurers from a galaxy far, far away refer to the ship that made Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs as junk, but on the other hand, it’s easy to see how this quote could have a more understandable application. Many classic cars have been wrongly named before Ray and Finn made the mistake of several times.

While it might seem like a fad to call the Millennium Falcon anything other than the fastest ship in the galaxy, that streak still stuck with both. star Wars And Disney fans alike. It may not be very accurate, but it has comedic appeal.

“You’re just jealous because I’m beautiful!”

Pleakley Agent – Lilo & Stitch

Speaking of comedic quotes… a Disney character has never had more fun with a wig than Agent Bleakley Lilo and Stitch. Alone, he’s a ridiculous, high-suspension creature that’s not in Kansas anymore. But when he’s saddled with his four-eyed friend Jimba, things get wonderfully ridiculous.

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This quote perfectly summed up this previous villain. Before turning to the mosquito buffet, the two had a little struggle over one of Pleakley’s wigs, which he shouts at this little gem. Hardly the behavior of an interplanetary expert, but it was still one of his most memorable moments.

“Then I pushed the crackers down his throat…”

Iago – Aladdin

Iago isn’t Disney’s cuddly friend at the best of times, but he’s probably the only bird that can make the above sentence sound threatening. Of course, having Gilbert Gottfried’s voice adds a bit of malice Aladdin like that.

Sometimes, a parrot can only take so much. After all, eating a stale Ritz day in and day out would push anyone over the edge. Once Jafar came to power, he would be able to get a little revenge on the Sultan’s constant defense.

“There are no ice people at my wedding!”

Fur Fur – Zootopia

Fru Fru is probably famous for this line towards the end of zootopia Chapter II. Despite her jovial and playful personality, dad’s infamous gang boss probably has more than a few hiccups.

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Since she is able to walk straight into Mr. Page’s office while he wears his gloves on two victims preparing for the frozen ice pit beneath, this isn’t the first time she’s seen someone fall into their freezing doom. A wacky line for sure, but it probably carries grim connotations. Either way, this is a random Disney quote that lives rent-free in fans’ heads.

“I have a dirty thumb…”

Prince John – Robin Hood

Prince John is easily one of the funniest Disney villains. There is always something hysterical about spoiled kids in the bodies of adults who wield a great deal of power. Case in point, the fake King of England with a terrible temper along with some other childish habits.

Aside from the thumb sucking, that’s not the only weird utterance the boy mama king has uttered. Robin Hood, but it’s definitely one that still lingers after his sightings are over. Sometimes it is better to have an opponent who deserves to be laughed at than feared.

“He touched the ass!”

Nemo’s friend – Finding Nemo

It’s hard to tell how many little kids have grown up throwing that phrase on the playground, and they’ve done it Finding Nemo to thank him for that. The initial joke is that the word “boat” is poorly worded, but the longevity of this exaggerated saying is due to its absurdity and, let’s face it, to its childish nature.

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Walt Disney once said that “adults are just kids who grew up anyway” and this can be clearly represented by the echo of this line. It shouldn’t be as memorable as it is, but it’s one of Finding Nemo The best quotes.

“I don’t do that blowjob.”

Mocho – Mulan

In the wrong context, this line has some naughty effects on it. However, it makes sense that Mushu would correct his gender in Mulan. While it’s hard to think of anywhere fans would use this line in normal conversation, it’s a perfect fit for a dragon with a bit of an attitude.

While Mushu is definitely a serpentine creature, he’d rather use that forked tongue to bring out some classic Eddie Murphy’s zinger rather than prey hunting or other reptile activities. However, it’s still a very personal quote (and one of Mushu’s best) for Fa Family.

“Do you want to get out of here? Get rid of that monkey!”

Chat Phone – Toy Story 3

The award for the strangest and most random Disney quote has to go to this from Jack Nicholson’s chat phone at Sunnyside Daycare. for something to come out of Toy Story movie, it totally boggles the brain how strange this sentence looks in any context.

Franchise lovers think Toy Story 3 It would have been the perfect ending to the franchise, especially with the evil dynamics created by those like this monkey on Sunnyside Daycare. The strange thing about this quote is that it is so much like the mind can’t fathom the absurdity of what seems like a new request for the power of words. Then again, that’s to be expected when an evil monkey is put in charge of the daycare security details.

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